Index of Foreign Births Destroyed

Index of Foreign Births Destroyed

Here is the response I received for my request to see the Index of Foreign Births. Below the e-mail is the page of the DOH Retention Schedule which shows when the record was submitted for analysis and it was decided the record was to be retained permanently.


—– Original Message —–


To: Nellie 

Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 5:56 PM

Subject: RE: UIPA Request -Foreign Birth Index 1982 until now


Aloha Ms. (redacted):


There are no records responsive to your request.


Hawaii Department of Health

Public Information Office staff


Send mail to:

State Department of Health

Office of Health Status Monitoring

Issuance/Vital Statistics Section/UIPA Request

Honolulu, HI 97801



From: Nellie 
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 9:11 AM
To: hdohinfo
Subject: Fw: UIPA Request -Foreign Birth Index 1982 until now






Pursuant to UIPA, I request an electronic copy of the index for certificates of foreign birth (VDR-10, which is to be retained permanently) from the year 1982 until now, with all non-discloseable parts redacted.


Thank you!





Below is the DOH Retention Schedule showing this document to be retained permanently. Please also note that Dr. Alvin Onaka did not designate the index as being restricted because of HRS 338-18, as he notes for the certificates themselves. This clearly shows that the indices are NOT called “vital records” by Dr. Onaka and are NOT considered restricted information by him.


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