Cease and Desist Letter to HDOH

Cease and Desist Letter to HDOH

 —– Original Message —–

From: (redacted)

To: hdohinfo

Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 5:03 PM

Subject: Cease and Desist

 Dear HDOH:

 I respectfully ask you to cease and desist from referring to me in your communications as anything but “Nellie” – the alias I have provided in all my contacts. I can choose any alias I desire, and I was careful to use only “Nellie”.

 If you have other ways of finding out my full name (such as looking on the e-mail account or doing a web search such as you have done with other requestors) that does not mean you are authorized to release that information. You may not call me by my given name, but only by the alias “Nellie” – which is the contact information I gave.

 I also respectfully ask you to remove your references to “Ms. xxxxx” in all your past responses to me, because you are not authorized to disclose that unless I reveal that to you, and I have not done that.

 Disclosing information that is forbidden is a criminal offense. The form for making requests notes that a real name is not required, as long as contact information allows the department to contact me – and my contact information is not to be shared with people requesting to see my requests. The name on the e-mail account is my contact information and you are required to redact it and not disclose it if I have not used that name in my request.

 I have people making threats to me and it will not be well for your office if someone is able to find me and carry out their threats because you gave my full name when I only gave you the alias “Nellie”.

 Thank you.


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