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Delivery Confirmation

Mail Delivery Confirmation


I saved this in text format so I could redact the location from which I mailed my request for the computer-generated 1961 birth index, money order, and Notice to Requester showing the amount required to be paid. Delivery time is highlighted.



Track & Confirm FAQs





Label/Receipt Number: 0308 3390 0000 9721 1679

Class: Priority Mail®

Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™

Status: Delivered


Your item was delivered at 6:08 am on August 04, 2010 in







Enter Label/Receipt Number.


Enter Label / Receipt Number.






Detailed Results:


Delivered, August 04, 2010, 6:08 am, HONOLULU, HI


Arrival at Unit, August 04, 2010, 5:30 am,


Processed through Sort Facility, August 02, 2010,

8:36 am, HONOLULU, HI 96820

Acceptance, July 30, 2010, 1:43 pm, (location redacted)

Request for Computer-Generated 1961 Birth Index

My Request for the Computer-Generated 1961 Birth Index

—– Original Message —–

From: Nellie


Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2010 3:58 PM

Subject: Question about Order




I will be sending a money order for $98.75 so that I can receive the computer printed pages of the 1961 birth index data. I was wondering if I could have a friend pick up those pages from the HDOH office at the end of next week, provided that I get the money order to you by Monday morning.


Thank you.


1961 Birth Index NTR


COLB and Long-Form BC Numbers the Same

Long-form and COLB Cert Numbers Are the Same

Galovich’s DOS Cable

Department of State Cable – Galovich Affidavit

No Letter of Verification for HDP or DNC

HDOH Indirectly Confirms Neither HDP nor DNC Received Letter of Verification


Poster “Citizen Concerned” has posted in the comments this exchange he/she had, wherein the HDOH confirmed they have no records of financial transactions with the Hawaii Democratic Party or the Democratic National Committee. Those financial records are required to be retained for at least 3 years (6 if not already audited). Since a letter of verification requires a financial transaction, this exchange effectively rules out the possibility that the HDP or DNC received a letter of verification for the facts of Obama’s birth between Feb 4, 2007 and Feb 4, 2010.


Obama declared his candidacy on Feb 10th, so at no time since Obama declared his candidacy did the HDP or DNC receive a letter of verification regarding the facts of Obama’s birth on which they could have based their certificate of nomination swearing his Constitutional eligibility in Hawaii or the fact that he was the “DULY CHOSEN” candidate for the DNC for other state’s certificates (which requires the candidate to be Constitutionally eligible as per the DNC Rules , p 14, K.1 and 2. Thanks to blogger jbjd for that link!)


So neither of the two avenues for the HDP or DNC to receive legal confirmation of Obama’s birth facts from the HDOH were used – a UIPA request for a non-certified abbreviated birth certificate, or a letter of verification.


Special thanks to “Citizen Concerned” for an outstanding piece of investigative work, and for sharing it with the rest of us.




Subject: UIPA Request Financial Transactions Involving DPH and DNC
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 15:40:40 -0800

Ms. Okubo,
Pursuant to HRS 92F-12, I hereby request to inspect and copy the following records the DoH is required to maintain per the SoH General Records Schedule that identify the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Party of Hawaii and/or their respective authorized representative as a payer between the dates of February 4, 2007 – February 4, 2010.

3.A.3 OSHM or equivalent Cash receipts (payer, amount, date)
3.A.4 OSHM or equivalent Sales journal (payer, amount, date)
3.A.5 OSHM or equivalent Accounts Receivable journal (payer, amount, date) 3.D.6 OHSM or equivalent Journal voucher and supporting documents (payer, amount, date)
3.D.7 OHSM or equivalent Universal input form (payer, amount, date)
3.D.8 OSHM or equivalent Agency internal journal entry and supporting documents (payer, amount, date)

If the record contains information that cannot be disclosed per HRS 92F-13, please redact the confidential information.





Subject: RE: UIPA Request Financial Transactions Involving DPH and DNC
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 16:47:35 -1000

State law prohibits the DOH from disclosing any vital statistics records or data incidental to those records unless the requestor has a direct and tangible interest in the record.  We are therefore unable to provide any documents that are responsive to your request for information relating to persons who ordered copies of vital records.  In terms of records of payments from the DPH and DNC, there are no records responsive to your request.
Janice Okubo
Hawaii State Department of Health

2004 HDP Cert

2004 DNC Cert

2000 HDP Cert

2000 DNC Cert