The Asing Adoption – Documentation

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The Asing Adoption

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 The 1964 divorce decree for Charlotte and Norman Asing gave custody of Norman Jr and Nathan to Charlotte, with Norman paying child support. (See Image 1). In 1970 Charlotte, under her remarried name, filed a complaint to get child support. (See Image 2). In 1973 Norman asked that he no longer be required to give child support since he had given his consent for the children to be adopted. His request was granted, with the stipulation that child support be reinstated if the adoption was not successful. (See Image 3) The divorce file contained no documents later than that document so presumably the adoptions went through.

 Using Charlotte’s remarried surname (blacked out in image 2), an ancestry search showed Norman and Nathan under that surname, with the proper ages for each. Both men have traffic violations under those names, and I have a certified driver’s abstract for Norman using that surname, released after I gave his SSN and a birth date of Aug 4, 1961. (I am not posting either of those items having the current adoptive names of Norman and Nathan because the fact of the adoption can be ascertained from what I can provide without exposing the names.)

 Norman and Nathan were clearly adopted. Their birth names are clearly listed in the 1960-64 birth index even though the birth certificates with those names are legally non-valid AND required by court order to be sealed.

 The HDOH is engaging in serious, serious doo-doo with their 1960-64 birth index.

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