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WND Birth Certificate Forgery

World Net Daily published a long-form Hawaii birth certificate at . After someone at
  noted that the blacked-out BC# bled through and was far out of sequence from the Nordyke BC#’s, WND edited the article. The issue was brought to my attention here so I dug into it today. This PDF shows my findings.

The summary:

1. This BC is problematic because, like other long-forms posted online, it is not legally certified in accordance with the DOH Administrative Rules which require it to have either the OFFICIAL (2 1/4-inch diameter, with stars) DOH seal or the State of Hawaii seal displayed. This BC has neither.

2. The BC# was not stamped by the same stamp as the Nordyke BC’s were stamped with because the font is different.

3. And 2 of the numbers in this BC# actually overlap, which could not happen with a mechanically-adjusted stamp like the DOH used. That BC# was created outside the DOH.

IOW, it is my humble opinion that this BC was created with a fraudulent BC# in an attempt to make it seem like the DOH issues BC#’s randomly. For good measure, they threw in a “date accepted” showing that Kapiolani Hospital submitted their BC’s to the DOH on Thursday rather than Friday. This one (fabricated) document covers all the bases the DOH wanted covered – supposedly explaining why Obama’s BC was received on a Tuesday when we know the Nordykes’ Kapiolani BC’s were delivered to the HDOH on Friday AND explaining why Obama’s number is out of sequence (since the HDOH bounces around their numbers – by the hundreds – that they stamp with a stamp that’s designed to number things sequentially…)..

Unfortunately, WND was tricked by the official-looking certification even though it doesn’t meet the legal requirements for certification – probably because it was just like the other  long-form BC’s posted from 1980 and afterwards , none of which meet the requirements to be legally certified according to my understanding of the DOH Administrative Rules and Title 11-1.

It is totally unacceptable for the HDOH to so violate their rules and the law, that we have no way of knowing whether a flawed certification is a forgery, or whether it’s just the HDOH breaking the law again. The public, including news organizations such as WND, have a right to know whether the long-form BC’s that have been posted or presented to them with deficient certification are the result of deliberate forgery, or whether they are the result of either an incompetent or criminal HDOH. Enough is enough. If nobody knows what constitutes legal certification, we may as well not even HAVE legal certification – or birth certificates, for that matter. We just remembered 9-11. This devil-may-care lawlessness has GOT to stop.

WND BC Forgery