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Non-Certified Abbreviated Certificate Requests

NonCertified Abbreviated Certificate Requests

Virginia Sunahara and HDOH Fraud

Virginia Sunahara and HDOH Theft

This ties together the funny business on several different fronts. I’ve added 18 links to document what I’m saying, which is basically:


By altering the 1960-64 birth index to include legally non-valid records, the HDOH enabled both Virginia Sunahara and Barack Hussein Obama II to appear in the birth index even though they were sharing a BC# and only one name can be valid at a time under that BC#.

Virginia Sunahara’s name did not show up in a query of the database because her record was voided in order to allow Obama to have a valid record using her BC#.

The extremely rare circumstances of Virginia’s birth and death would allow her BC to be “filed” (accepted by the local registrar and  delivered to the HDOH for numbering on the same day) on Tuesday, Aug 8th and yet not be numbered until after the Nordyke twins’ BC’s were numbered on Friday, Aug 11th. Those are the dates CLAIMED on Obama’s forged BC, but Virginia Sunahara’s situation is one of the only situations that would result in that kind of discrepancy.

The discrepancies on Obama’s forged long-form show that the forgery was created from the BC of a girl born at Wahiawa Hospital and having an R as the 3rd letter of her name.  Virginia Sunahara fits.

To hide that Obama was given Virginia’s BC#, the HDOH had to give Virginia a different BC# when her brother requested a copy of her birth certificate  – which they can easily do in a computer printout, which is conveniently (and illegally) all Hawaii will allow anybody to get a copy of OR SEE. The BC# they gave her is hopelessly out of sequence with ANY method of numbering BC’s (including the debunked alphabetizing theory).

The HDOH hadn’t made provisions to deny long-form DEATH CERTIFICATES, however, so when asked for a certified copy of Virginia’s long-form death certificate, they were forced to take out the top line which had the correct BC#, and replace it with a handwritten note of the BC# they had reassigned her. In doing so they edited out a field that was required to be in that line and botched up the font size, alignment, and wording for the state file number.

Tsukiyama Indirect Confirmation of Evidence

Tsukiyama Indirect Confirmation of Evidence Submitte1