SOS’s Need to Obey State Perjury and Fraud Laws

Below is a letter I received from the office of AR SOS Mark Martin. I wanted everyone to see this so I can point out the deflection that the SOS’s will probably try to make. The claim in this letter is that the SOS is not authorized to determine the eligibility of candidates, but only whether they submitted the required paperwork to get on the ballot.

And this is where Onaka’s disclosure is so critical, because Obama’s HI birth record being non-valid means that there are no legally-determined birth facts for Obama, and anybody who files any statement, application, Certification, etc that says Obama is qualified to be President is known to be dead wrong. Nobody can know that, since nobody knows his legally-determined birth facts. That means that every SOS in the country knows that the paperwork they receive for Obama is fraudulent. Every SOS in the country should be writing the Obama campaign and telling them that they have not submitted the proper paperwork because fraudulent documents cannot be accepted.

SOS’s don’t have to determine Obama’s eligibility. They don’t have to even know about the BC forgeries, E-verify failure, draft registration forgery, or passport breaches for Obama. All they need to know is that Hawaii says they don’t have a legally-valid birth record for Obama, so nobody can know when, where, or to whom Obama was born. Anybody who makes a LEGAL claim that they know he is qualified is perjuring him/herself and/or committing election fraud. There is not one SOS in the country who has received proper filing papers for Obama, because all the papers are fraudulent and/or perjurious.

The only authorization these SOS’s need, to keep Obama off the ballot, is perjury and fraud laws that require them to reject known-fraudulent filings. And misprision laws that require them to report known perjury and fraud to law enforcement. These are not heroic measures we are asking these SOS’s to do. We are simply asking them not to engage in election fraud or misprision of the felonies of fraud and perjury.

The SOS’s need to know that their role at this point isn’t about Obama’s eligibility. It is about known-fraudulent filing documents. Please look up your SOS at and tell them that it is election fraud and misprision of fraud and perjury if they accept known-fraudulent filing documents as if they were lawful.


  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 1:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sent to NJ’s Kim Guadagno, to whom I also wrote re: the letter she received. Not expecting righteousness from this b*tch who affirmed an ALJ’s decision about Zero’s identity documents being irrelevant as Mickey Mouse’s.

  2. Carol
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 6:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    My question is and has been, Whos gonna do anything about it? Not who should or who can……but who will?, being realistic. I watched the republicans throw my vote down the toilet at the convention and know every dem in congress lies like a rug, and Bone head Boehner is a whimp who rants and then concedes more times then not. So whos gonna stick up for the constitution? they are too busy covering each others butts to keep their thrones.

    • Posted September 27, 2012 at 4:20 am | Permalink | Reply

      Sad but true. The issue is what WE are going to do about it. Either we have a way to hold the government accountable, or else we will always have corrupt government.

      In Arizona they pestered and pestered SOS Ken Bennett until he decided to do the right thing just to get them off his back. If we give up too easily we make it easy for them to screw us. We need to never let them forget that we’re here, that we’re awake, and that we will not be tread upon.

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