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  1. KJ
    Posted March 18, 2013 at 4:03 am | Permalink | Reply

    Interesting post. The Cold Case Posse has a copy no doubt?

    Forged documents other than the Obama BC. Obama distanced himself from the “long form” when he presented it.

    If someone is being forced to forge these documents, why hasn’t there been a leak?

    Could any of this be blamed on sloppiness?

    Why did you include the website on the bottles?

    • Posted March 18, 2013 at 4:33 am | Permalink | Reply

      The reason I think the Sunahara death certificate is the key to unlocking this is because it CAN’T be mere sloppiness. It took deliberate effort to come up with those blatant anomalies, when it would have been so easy to change only the hand-written BC#. There’s room to debate about the other cases, but this one is clear-cut and blatant.

      The website about the bottles notes that once HI became a US territory, manufacturers marked the bottles with H.T. (for Hawaii Territory) or T.H. (for Territory of Hawaii). The 3 sites I included establish that T.H. was a standard abbreviation for Territory of Hawaii, used in manufacturing as well as in news media and literature.

      Jerome Corsi claims he’s got an informant from inside the HDOH who has leaked, and that the leadership of the HDOH knows who this leaker is, and that person’s access was cut off because of it. What I can tell you from the contacts I’ve had with several people within the HDOH is that they know there is something wrong and they know that communications director Janice Okubo is the gate-keeper of all incriminating evidence. I once told Okubo that there are witness protection programs for people like her. It shook her up enough that she responded to a different request than the one she was looking at when she replied – the only time that’s happened. I don’t know what they have on her, but Mike Zullo has mentioned that document fraud was handled by the Hawaiian mafia, and I can tell you that I had several sources who refused to do any more checking for me in Hawaii after they had unnerving experiences, and most people from HI that I asked help from said they were afraid to get involved. Zullo faced roadblocks every step along the way when he was there.

  2. Posted March 18, 2013 at 11:01 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’m unclear on what this post is meant to convey, but assume it has a connection to the lack of a visible seal on the PDF fake. Everyone needs to grasp that all the hallmarks to true certification have been thrown out by state governments like Hawaii. What true certification requires first and foremost is a certifying signature. If there is no hand-written signature, then there is no true certification because only a human hand can certify a document, -Not a rubber stamp or computer-generated signature facsimile.

    Even the President’s mechanical signature machine is a bastardization of certification since it is easily copyable by another machine with the same capability. A human being is the only source for certification, and his/her signature is the only direct proof of validation.
    Secondly, the seal used by states like Hawaii is not a true seal but some sort of mechanical machine cheaply made, and possibly programmable. But a true seal is a solid metal die carved from a solid metal block and cannot be duplicated without an equivalent and extensive effort of artistry and metal-forging manufacture.

    I recently scanned my grandparent’s birth certificates issued in the 1950s, and the seals are pronounced, and very sharp, unlike the cheap crap that governments get by with today, and which are probably fairly easily counterfeit-able.
    You should read the serious statements made to certify the death certificates back a half century ago. They use very sober and serious language.

    Third, there may be no state left in America that still routinely issues true copies of birth or death certificate. A TRUE COPY is a certified exact reproduction of the original record, whereas the crap issue today is merely an Abstract imitation, which is not certifiable because it can’t be certified as being a True Copy of anything, since it copies no thing. So a fake signature with a replicable seal on a document that replicates nothing is as far from being a certified document as you could get while still fooling the gullible.
    I’ve written extensively on these subjects in several exposition that can be found on my blog http://obama–

    • Posted March 18, 2013 at 12:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

      The certification used on Hawaii’s long-forms don’t meet the requirements of the HDOH’s Administrative Rules. I’ve always wondered how the heck we’re supposed to know whether a copy came from the HDOH when the HDOH doesn’t obey its own rules.

      According to the Administrative Rules standard certified copies have to have the certifying statement and signature of the person having custody of the record (which is said to be the HDOH director) AND either the official HDOH seal (which is much larger than the “registrar’s seal”) or else the State of Hawaii seal. The old certified copies had the signatures of both the HDOH Director and the state registrar and had the 2 1/4″ official HDOH raised seal. They left no question about meeting the certification requirements of the Rules. I don’t know when they switched. It could be said that the registrar has custody of the record and so his seal and certification/signature meets the requirements as long as there is also a State of Hawaii seal on the document – which describes the Hawaii short-forms, because the paper has the State of Hawaii seal on the top fold. But the long-forms have neither the official 2 1/4″ HDOH seal nor the image of the State of Hawaii seal.

    • Posted March 18, 2013 at 12:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Oh, and I meant to explain that these jpegs were so that this article could be posted at Free Republic, where PDF’s aren’t postable.

      Another thing that is interesting regarding signature stamps and this issue: the only letter of verification that had a raised seal and the initials of Onaka right next to the stamped signature was the MDEC verification, which NEVER requested verification of any birth fact and NEVER requested verification of the genuineness of the White House image. It verified the existence of a birth record and that WHAT WAS INCLUDED ON THE WHITE HOUSE IMAGE was also included on the record in their office (which works for a non-valid record as well because the White House image simply left off the information that reveals the late and/or altered status of the record. Since that information is not INCLUDED ON THE WHITE HOUSE IMAGE, it isn’t even being asked about through the careful verbiage of the request).

      Thanks for the link to your blog; I’ll take a look.

      • Posted March 19, 2013 at 5:40 am | Permalink

        An irritating lie of the left is that the Hawaiian officials have validated or verified the authenticity of the fake PDF BC, when in fact such a view is totally ignorant of what true verification is. No statement by any official in the land is an official statement unless it is made under penalty of perjury, under solemn oath or as a person with the authority to issue notarized documents. Everything else is just partisan hacks passing wind in the unquestioning faces of the sycophantic main-stream media.
        No Hawaiian official has been called before a Congressional hearing or federal court or grand jury and required to swear under oath as to the facts known about the true records of Obama’s birth. So their lies are completely beyond prosecuting and they know it, just as they know that the rubber-stamp signature on birth certificates of either type actually certifies nothing because they are not in fact signature but merely counterfeit replications of signature. Imagine this, Alvin Onaka releases to the public an “official statement” certifying that the rubber stamp signature of his that is used to stamp vital records is the True and authentic signature from his hand, and the statement is then “certified” by the rubber-stamp signature. Such an official state government release would be a double bastardization of true certification since it would contain a falsehood, -one certified by a counterfeit of his signature. Anything that is not genuine is a counterfeit, like a photocopy of real paper currency. And it is not backed by the gold of genuineness since the “copy” is not really a copy of anything because it is instead only an “abstract” uncertified by any real signature or proper state seal.
        We live in an age in which authenticity is an inconvenience because it requires time and effort, which the lazy liberals that run bureaucracies no longer possess.

        To view all of the available birth certificate related images, including many that I personally produced, visit:

    • WildHighlander57
      Posted March 28, 2013 at 6:14 am | Permalink | Reply

      “Third, there may be no state left in America that still routinely issues true copies of birth or death certificate. A TRUE COPY is a certified exact reproduction of the original record, whereas the crap issue today is merely an Abstract imitation, which is not certifiable because it can’t be certified as being a True Copy of anything, since it copies no thing”

      If true copies are no longer available, then nobody could get a security clearance. For that, one has to get a certified copy of the original document,(exact copy of the doc) and send it in along with the other paperwork.

      • Posted March 28, 2013 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

        Fuddy’s illegal “policy” would affect military officers then, wouldn’t it? Or maybe just certain positions in the military. I know my nephew in the USMC had to get a security clearance.

        Hawaii has a military base and if any of the kids born there wanted to follow in their dad’s (or mom’s) footsteps the State of Hawaii, for the sake of the foreign enemy combatant in our White House, are making it impossible to do so.

      • Posted April 1, 2013 at 8:34 am | Permalink

        “Certified” abstracts are adequate replacements for a true copy because there is no reason to counterfeit one except when it comes to the offices of the President and Vice-President since every other office in the land can be held by any citizen.
        But if required for security reasons, I expect that many or most states would provide a true copy of the micro-film original record instead the abstract version.

        The only difference should be that the original paper on which the original birth record was recorded would be missing since only the image of the text was converted to digital memory and the imagery of the paper was turned to pure white by a very-high high-contrast setting and then deleted, leaving only the pure black and mid-tone gray characters on an invisible field.

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