Clue #2: Obama Apparently Given Stig Waidelich’s BC#

Clue Number Two

Clue #2: Four of the August 1961 BC#’s that the HDOH has disclosed were changed BY THE HDOH from their original 1961 owners – the 3 records with the red flags, and the short-form BC of Stig Waidelich.

SUMMARY: Stig Waidelich’s computer-generated COLB has a BC# that requires a 12,400% variance from the average birth rate within a 2.5-hour period. It is obviously falsified. So not only do we have paper records (1960-64 birth index, the Ah Nee and Obama BC’s, and the Sunahara death certificate) being falsified by the HDOH, but we have the BC# in the computer system itself being falsified. And all these falsified certificates claimed BC#’s that could not have been on those BC’s in 1961. Stig Waidelich is almost certainly the original owner of the BC# that the HDOH has verified as currently belonging to Obama.

In the next installment we will look at the only circumstance in which a new BC# can lawfully be assigned to a person. That will be the key that opens the door on what the HDOH has done, when, and why. Everything we’ve seen makes sense when we realize how the HDOH could legally try to justify giving Obama the BC# that belonged to Stig Waidelich.

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