Hawaii BC Numbering System Documented

Hawaii BC Numbering System

I’ve been able to see the documents from the CDC which describe how the Hawaii BC’s were numbered. Janice Okubo was wrong about how BC’s were numbered. “Date Accepted by State Registrar” on the BC’s only refers to when the documents were received in the office. The numbering of the BC’s, which happened around the 5th or 6th of the following month, constituted the OFFICIAL acceptance of the record as a legal document (as alluded to in the Administrative Rules), when the document would be microfilmed and any amendments would have to be made through an official procedure.

The information in this PDF will be critical to the next clue.

Summary: Each month the local registrars kept the BC’s for births from each of the CDC’s geographic areas for Hawaii in their own region/batch and put into chronological order according to the time of birth. On the 4th of the month the outlying islands mailed all the BC’s in their office to the state registrar. When those BC’s were received at the state registrar’s office, all the state’s BC’s for that month were placed in this order, numbered consecutively, and microfilmed for the CDC in BC# order with a cover sheet (“target”) between the different regions:

1. Hilo, in chronological order
2. The remainder of Hawaii County, in chronological order
3. Honolulu, in chronological order
4. The remainder of Honolulu County, in chronological order
5. Kalawao County, in chronological order
6. Kauai County, in chronological order
7. Maui, in chronological order

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