Peter Kema HDOH Info

This is the HDOH’s PDF of information regarding Peter Kema, which is also published at . I’m publishing it here because the HDOH has disappeared it from and I want to make sure this doesn’t get lost. Here is the jpeg of the COLB:

Peter Kema COLB


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    I’m just curious, what does Peter Kema’s BC and Social Services documents have to do with B.O. issues? I may have missed something, but after looking through and reading all the Peter Kema documents, I’m scratching my head in confusion as to how they are relevant or why you posted them? Thanks in advance.

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      Sorry for the delay oirish. I was trying to set up a timeline of how the HDOH’s certification features changed over time. I knew I had saved a copy of the Peter Kema COLB on my computer but when I went to look for it I couldn’t find it on my computer. It also has been disappeared from the web. I looked all over and finally found a link where you can find it so I posted the link and copied the image to my blog to make sure that it’s on a site that I control (although I have had information also disappear from this site…)

      It is relevant for several reasons.

      For one thing, it blows away the whole argument that the HDOH could not release a copy of a vital record because of privacy rights. They released this COLB and the death certificate for Peter’s sister in response to a UIPA (FOIA) request because privacy rights were outweighed by the public interest in knowing whether the government agencies were acting properly. That may be why the HDOH wanted to disappear this record from the public view.

      Another thing, it shows that at one point the HDOH had security paper that was more secure than what they use now, since this paper puts watermarks when it is copied, to prevent fraud. I have a document from the HDOH which has similar markings, although I’d have to check whether it seems to have come from the paper itself, or whether the marks were added manually.

      Most importantly, this shows the signature of Alvin Onaka in 1991. It shows the signature that people could know was authentic in 1991. And the Onaka signature on the Ah Nee birth certificate copy that was supposedly issued in 1995 exaggerates the features of this signature, even though other known-authentic signatures of Onaka from that time period don’t have those features at all. The forger ended up with a signature that looks like an exaggerated version of this signature but not like any other Onaka signature anywhere. And one other feature stands out which clearly shows the forgery attempt: The signature on the Ah Nee BC has a dot that was placed between P and h in the Ph. D. There is no period that belongs there and Onaka never puts a period there, so why did they put it there on the Ah Nee BC? Well…. in this image on the Kema COLB, there is a background dot that shows right there. When somebody tried desperately to copy Onaka’s signature so it would look like the signature on the Kema COLB, they mistook that background dot for a period placed by Onaka in the signature so they put it on their forged Onaka signature. You can see the comparison at

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