Fuddy Would Have Easily Fit Inside a Standard Casket

This regards my gridlines analysis of Fuddy and the casket. I wanted to make sure that everybody saw this, because the conclusion has totally reversed. Microsoft Word totally changed the dimensions of the image when I rotated it, yielding an inaccurate picture. Here’s the update that I added to both the post and the supporting pdf. Again, my apologies for any confusion I may have caused by trusting Microsoft:

OK, big update here. A commenter told me to do the proportions using the whole photo and I would come up with a width of 16 or maybe 17 inches. Didn’t make sense to me but I tried it. He/she was right. I wasn’t sure whether Word was being weird on me as it sometimes does so I did the math, using proportions. The original image was 7 squares wide by 27 squares high so I did the proportion 7/27=x/62 which came up with x being 16.

So then I sought to understand why it didn’t work to use half the image. The proportions should stay the same no matter whether I used half the image or the whole image, because I used the corner arrow to enlarge.  So I got the image of Fuddy beside Mark Miller again, cropped it to the width of the elbows (since that’s where the funeral home measures) and used the corner arrow to enlarge it to a height of 62 squares. The width was 20 squares. So the corner arrow wasn’t the problem. I was baffled.

I wondered how the body really would lay in the casket so I rotated the image to the left so I could put it next to the rectangle representing the size of the bottom of the casket. When I dragged it there Fuddy’s width was even with the width of the casket. I knew that wasn’t right, because her width was supposed to be 20 squares and the width of the casket was supposed to be 25.

I hit the undo button to get me back to the point before the image was rotated left. 20×31. Then I rotated it left again and counted the squares. Instead of being a rotated 20×31 it was 25×26. Word’s rotation totally changed the image.

Moral of the story: Never trust Microsoft. How many of the rest of you get the same result when you rotate an image? Please let me know because I need to know if something bad has been done to my computer to make it act like this.

Thank you, Raicha, for pointing out the error. That’s why I “show my work” – so somebody can show me where I’m wrong, if I’m wrong. The name-calling and insinuations about my mental health get nowhere with me, WordPress posters. If you want me to listen to reason then try reasoning with me. I go where the facts take me. In this case it helped me find out that either Microsoft Word is a worthless piece of crap, or else my computer has once again been messed with.

So my conclusion is totally reversed now: Fuddy would have easily fit inside a standard casket. My apologies to everyone for being stupid enough to think that Microsoft would ever be accurate.

I still don’t believe she WAS in the casket at the funeral,  because the image of her in it had to be photoshopped by KITV. And there’s more that I haven’t gotten to yet also but I suppose I first better find out what else on my computer is pretending to work but doesn’t. Please let me know if this is a problem everybody has, or whether it is peculiar to my computer for some reason…


UPDATE: Somebody pointed out that Word’s grid is not made of squares but of rectangles. I measured with a ruler and found that 10 squares across = 1.5 inch and 10 squares down = 1.25 inch.  Wait a minute. On that document the gridlines are different.  10 across = 2 inches and 10 down is 1.75 inches. When I rotated Fuddy’s upper half, the dimensions went from 20 across and 31 down to  26 across and 25 down.

20 across  = 2 x 2 = 4 inches

31 down = 3.1 x 1,75 = 5.425 inches                     So the image started out being 4″ x 5.425″


26 across = 2.6 x 2 =  5.2 inches

25 down = 2.5 x 1.75 = 4.375 inches                     So the image ended up being 4.375″ x 5.2″.


IOW, the image got wider in real distance and shorter in real distance.

So Word did distort the image when it rotated, even after the rectangular shape of the grid is accounted for.


The real height of the green rectangle, to represent 25″ on the same scale used for Fuddy’s width, would need to be 2.5 x 2 = = 5 inches. It’s actually 4 inches.

So this was a combination of the squares being wider than they are tall so it’s comparing apples and oranges unless you change the height of the green rectangle to the same scale as is used horizontally. IOW, the height had to be 5″ rather than 4″. That was the biggest problem.

AND Word changed the proportion when they rotated the image.


Does Word always do that?

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