There is one poster who is Hell-bent on claiming that I have been lying and that I have been trying to humiliate and libel Fuddy, Microsoft, etc. I have made observations. I probably should not have said that Microsoft was busted because further things later showed up that suggested it might not have been Microsoft that compromised my Word program. And now I’m trying to figure out what Microsoft’s message to me indicates. I don’t know what’s going on. I know that somebody was messing with me in real time yesterday morning. I know that Word’s rotate function was screwed up for one session only and that Microsoft was not allowing me to exit that session until I agreed to leave the stuff I was working on in that session unrecovered. And I know that “Zola” is making threats. Large, blustery threats.

Previously she said,  amongst other things:

“In fact I think I might make it my life’s work to expose all your lies – starting with revealing this comment thread on FR If you don’t fess up that you have been caught making stuff up again and there is not a single iota of truth in either your allegations about your computer or the death of Fuddy. And I have my IT debt working on a total debunking of your Microsoft tosh – with visuals. Gonna be very, very humiliating for you if I get there first Nellie.”

How are you going to get “visuals”, Zola, without breaking into my computer?

Now this morning she also wants to say:


zola commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

Don’t be such an idiot Nellie – if Microsoft confirmed that to you lets see the email or hear the telecon. No – what they sent was a standard computer generated error message because you manage to screw up the whole thing by resizing the photo in the first place. Show me or I expose you. Hop to it Nellie.

You have a very old computer with even older software – now you’ve shown “screenshots” (seriously — photos of the screen????!!!! lol) it’s perfectly obvious you have a majorly screwed up PS because you are an IT moron. And yet you are still insisting to people that know 1000 times more than you how these things work, that you have been targetted by the regime to screw up your Word images and ruin your credilbility!!!!!!

It’s so laughable. It’s clear from those shots that some of your software is no longer working and you need to get your shit together. Stop blaming stuff on microsoft and admit you are just someone with a crap computer and an agenda that doesn’t understand what it does. Retract your accusation against Microsoft and Loretta Fuddy now, or your humiliation will eventually reach millions more.The 3 million figure was mine not Wonkettes’ – here you go again making stuff up – did they indiretly confirm it to you? – Actually it’s probably much more that 3 million – Wonkette’s readership is huge.

And finally – how DARE you accuse someone of libelling you – when you have lied and libelled literally thousands of others, including the dead and recently bereaved. Do you simply not see that you have done over and over again what you accuse others of?

Accuse me of libel again and you will be extremely sorry at what you have started – I am very well resourced, have masses of free time, and am outside your jurisdiction, I also have two verty talented barristers in the immediate family that would enjoy a vacation in the US. Would make for a fun case – in fact you have libelled so many people maybe it’s time we started fighting back.. You do have a legal defense fund don;t you Nellie? Or maybe the church will bail you out when you lose your house.

I wonder how many of your acquaintances will be shocked to hear in open court your lunatic screeds on FR. It’s all unravellng Nellie, and you can’t hide from your words – we’ve saved them all on real screen shots!!!. Remember when you said you would rather kill your children then have them live under this regime? Yeah – child services were a bit shocked by that. Kill your kids rather than accept reduced cost healthcare – yeah you’re not delusional at all!! Just a liar.

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Did you catch that? She is threatening to take away my house. Fogbowers, some of you are already set to be in trouble with law enforcement through the Cold Case Posse. If you don’t tolerate these kinds of threats, then talk to this woman and let her know she’s revealing a very ugly side of your team.

I am making observations and trying to figure out how it all fits together. Just like other posters here have been trying quite reasonably to do – on the Fuddy casket issue as well as on the Microsoft stuff. I am a computer moron. I know how to do the basic functions in Word and other places but I don’t know how viruses, Microsoft, or the NSA work. What I do know is that what has happened is not normal. I have no ability to produce Microsoft error messages, requests to diagnose my problems, or processing and results screens for Microsoft Diagnostics. The fact that all those things happened right after I said my Word program was corrupted shows that yes, something was going on at the time I said it was. Every reasonable person – including those who disagree with my conclusions – knows that to be the case.

I don’t videotape myself while I am on the computer so I have no way of proving that the problems Microsoft says I had were the rotate function. Zola has even less evidence that I am lying about ANYTHING and it doesn’t seem to stop her from threatening to take away my house because of legal expenses that she can afford and I cannot. That’s how the rich control the poor – it’s a very Islamist, leftist, and/or scientologist way of doing things according to past history. A good way to stifle genuine inquiry. Watch out, Raicha – Zola may steal your house by forcing you to pay legal expenses she can afford but not you, simply because you have the audacity to…. gasp!  make observations and try to sort things out

I cannot prove that the rotate function was corrupted because that evidence is gone. But I would swear on a stack of Bibles and take polygraph tests until I am blue in the face that I always use the corner arrow to enlarge photos and did that on Wednesday, both when I calculated how Fuddy’s body would line up with the protrusions from the Diocese image AND when I took Raicha’s advice and by using the whole body image (which would only fit on the page vertically and thus did not involve the rotate function) figured out what had happened – by observing it happen in real time. At that point I was more concerned with publicly correcting my erroneous conclusion than with proving to the world that I didn’t lie.  It was only after Zola immediately assumed that I had lied – and publicly accused me of doing so – that I addressed that issue, and by that time Word was already in an infinite loop disallowing me from going back to the session where the corruption occurred  so that I could hit the back arrow and videotape exactly what I had done, by using the forward arrows for all to see.

Just to settle the record, I know this is a fallacy on Fogbow, but I have never said that I would kill my children to keep them from this regime. What I said was that Scripture says things are going to get really, really bad on earth before the end, and sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me and my children to be gone before that hits – but that it is God’s call as to who will be on earth when the very worst stuff happens. My children have asked me if suicide is acceptable to avoid persecution and I told them no – that we would trust God to the very end.

Of course, those who belong to the two beasts and the dragon in the end times won’t really have to worry about any of that so I don’t expect them to have any clue what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, I won’t sue you for libel over that, Fogbowers, because I can see how you misinterpreted that.

I was wrong to say that it was Microsoft who hit my computer; I don’t know who it was who hit my computer. It could be Microsoft or any number of other entities, and I don’t know which one. I do know that this particular corruption applied to only one session of Word and serves the purpose of those who wish to smear me before I come forward with very dangerous information. I know Zola is leading the charge to make sure I am still smeared even after the computer issues have been publicly documented and I know that she threatened to use visuals to prove something that never happened. I also know that somebody was messing with me in real time yesterday when they posted into my edit screen an image from my administrative page on a computer that could not have been the computer I used to approve that comment – which just happened to be….Zola’s comment.

I was wrong to say that Fuddy’s body would not fit in that casket; I very publicly and profusely apologized when I realized that my conclusion was in error, and thanked Raicha for pointing it out because the truth matters.

I was not wrong to say that the palls don’t match. I was not wrong to say that KITV edited the images, although the image experts I have since spoken with say it may be that 2 cameras were set up side by side so the photoshop on the KITV video (and they do say it was a photoshop) was probably not taken from the KHON video but from KITV’s own camera.

I have made no claims regarding Fuddy herself or her family. My question has been whether there was really an open-casket funeral with Fuddy’s body inside the casket. I have been looking at the evidence, as have other posters here and elsewhere.

What really stands out here is that right after my Word program has been hit with deceptive corruption and I observed and documented somebody inserting a WordPress administrative page into my edit screen in real time , there is a woman whose email address says she’s from the UK, who claims to have a lot of money and time at her disposal, and who claims to have the resources to be able to get “visuals” to prove what did or didn’t happen on my computer…who is threatening to bankrupt me through legal fees unless I admit something that’s not true.

Just some observations…




  1. Posted February 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    “Fogbowers, some of you are already set to be in trouble with law enforcement through the Cold Case Posse.”

    I hate to stun you, Butters, but the Crap Cold Cream Posse has about as much chance of arresting anyone as Ronald McDonald, and has about as much legal authority as the aforementioned McDonald. Its a fake “investigation” that will push back releasing anything as long as it can, because they have precisely nothing. They have been pulling the “Amazing revelations soon to come” schtick for just under 2 years now. And last night, surprise surprise, Zullo said his revelations may have to be pushed back beyond their March date, maybe to July.

    They may never release anything, and even if they are finally forced to release something (most likely a rehash of Zullo’s press conference of 2 years ago, which was received with universal laughter) they have no legal authority to do anything to a member of Fogbow or anyone else. Zullo is not a “Lieutenant,” he was a police officer (NOT a detective) for 3 years or so and then spent 20 years as a used car salesman. And he certainly is not a police officer now. All he is is a second rate conman.

    Much like you and your BS analysis of stuff.

    In short, your threat of legal action has been received with derision and hilarity by anyone who matters and is paying attention. You are threatening us with an empty milk bottle, and look all the more pathetic because of it.

    Go ahead, get Zullo to arrest me for something. I dare you. I’m even coming to the States in May so you can have Zullo right there here with his Plastic Badge and plastic handcuffs. I double triple dare you. And you can take that as me “indirectly confirming” that I’m laughing at you and your silly threat too.

    Suranis – J.J. O’Shaughnessy

    • Posted February 8, 2014 at 8:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I’m sure you feel really safe booing and hissing from across the pond. Like Zola.

      • Posted February 8, 2014 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

        You want to explain all the other people laughing their heads off on Fogbow about your threatening comment then?

        And like I said, I’ll be coming over to the states after the HUUUUUGE CCCP reveal in March. Arrest me.

    • Posted February 27, 2014 at 7:59 pm | Permalink | Reply

      lol, foggy bottom, and “barristers”, they use that term a lot in Africa.

  2. raicha
    Posted February 8, 2014 at 7:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    When you make comments such as these,, people wonder what you would really do if you believed that your back was against the wall. And they wonder at what point you would decide you back is against the wall – would it actually take a coup and Islamist rebellion or could attacks on your computer, your husband’s car, and your good name cause you to make a terrible decision?

    At times, your language mirrors that of others who have made terrible decisions with the firm belief that they were protecting their loved ones from something worse.

    Just some observations.

    • Posted February 8, 2014 at 8:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for getting that link so we can address what’s in it. Here’s what I said:

      What you’ve said is close to my heart because my husband and I are both aware that the work I’ve been doing puts us all at risk. I’ve dealt first-hand with the possibility of these kinds of threats.

      What it comes down to for me is this: There are things much, much worse than death. The people we are dealing with are EVIL to the core and the one they’re serving is the master of all evil. If they ever fully take control, we will all wish we were dead. Scripture says it will be spiritual torment and in my mind that spells sharia, which is the union of corrupt religion and corrupt government, the 2 beasts of Revelation – which just happen to be the two allies of George Soros, who seriously believes he is God (like the abomination that brings desolation, which sets itself up in the Temple).

      So I suspect there will be a communist-Islamist coup followed by communism and sharia. I suspect that “infidels” will be given the choice to convert to Islam or be killed, perhaps after being tortured as a means to “convince” people to convert and as an example for those who might consider forsaking Islam.

      I’d rather have my children shot execution-style before it comes to that. A Breitbart-like assassination sounds merciful in comparison to what awaits if we’re still alive when sharia hits. It sounds terrible, I know, but when a person’s back is against the wall their only option is to fight; they’ve got nothing left to lose. And I believe that’s where we’re at right now – or at least fast approaching. I would rather that my children and I die in the fight, when they still have to hide what they’re really up to, than be stuck here to be tortured and eventually killed anyway.

      Call me a coward, but we’re all ready to go Home at any time, and I’d rather be There than here if what I suspect is true.

      147 posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 5:33:54 AM by butterdezillion
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      What I’m saying is that I would rather fight the upcoming sharia while I can even though it may put myself and my family at risk immediately, than go along to get along now only to have us be tortured and/or executed because we will not accept the number of the beast when sharia gets here, as is happening to Christians in places where Obama has supported the Islamists over the secularist Muslims – such as Syria and Egypt. What would I do when my back was against the wall? Well, in that post I said that I believe my back is against the wall right NOW. And what am I doing? I’m posting on my blog the observations I see. Sometimes I make mistakes, as I did when I didn’t realize that Word’s grid is not squares. If I make a mistake and somebody helps me see that it was a mistake, as you did, I correct my mistakes and keep moving on. That’s what I do when my back is against the wall.

      My children have asked me – as I said in another comment – whether it’s OK to commit suicide to avoid persecution, and I’ve said no, we have to trust that God will never give us more than we can bear but will provide a way out for us. I trust in that. But if I can keep America from becoming a place where atheists, homosexuals, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims of a different stripe are executed by the terrorists in power, that’s what I want to do. And I think most reasonable people would be right there with me in that battle, if they knew that was the battle in front of us.

      • Posted February 8, 2014 at 8:35 pm | Permalink

        WoW. I didn’t know a Baptist in the Oval office would have you thinking about scenarios where you would feel its ok to kill your children. *rolls eyes*

      • Posted February 8, 2014 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

        You are hopeless. I have never said I would feel it is OK to kill my children. Raicha had the decency to link to the comment you guys are getting that crap from, and it’s clear that I was talking about being willing to incur the dangers of fighting the 2 beasts of Revelation. Unless you think that I would have been “killing my children” if my kids had been in the van and it had exploded after the sheathing was cut…. Is that what you’re saying? Would I have been “killing my children” if they had died because somebody in the regime who didn’t want me to upset the Lakin trial blew up my husband’s van to try to silence me?

        Bill Clinton was a Baptist in the White House and he did not help install Islamist regimes to replace our secularist-Muslim allies in the war on terror. But then his brother didn’t raise money for the Muslim Brotherhood either, and his IRS secretary didn’t give fast-track approval for exempt status for the Muslim Brotherhood fundraiser either…

        Bill Clinton knows. Bettina Viviano heard him say out loud that he knows Obama is ineligible. It’s a weird, weird world. None of the old alliances and divisons make sense any more. I didn’t see, before, what the Patriot Act would allow. Now I see it clearly, and wish I would have listened to those who decried it from the beginning. Now that both sides have been burned maybe both sides can see the danger and stand together to put the country back together again. But it won’t happen. Too much venom. That’s the way the two beasts of Revelation want it. It’s the way the political cronyism and corruption work.

        We don’t recognize what somebody is by their WORDS. We recognize what they are by what they do, by the fruit they bear. Obama has alienated all the allies we ever had and supported Muslim extremist regimes instead. Right now there are over 20,000 Manpads that are “missing” because of what happened in Libya – and we can’t find out what happened in Libya because the witnesses were given new identities, to keep them away from Congressional investigators. They just “disappeared” those witnesses. And made them sign non-disclosure agreements and gave them polygraph tests frequently to make sure they didn’t tell somebody the truth in spite of the NDA’s.

        Suranis, it’s been fun talking to you but I’m not going to approve your posts any more because even after the libel against me has been explained so you can see your error, you continue to speak lies. That’s a million times worse than the stupid mistake I made on Word.

      • Posted February 9, 2014 at 2:25 am | Permalink

        So you didn’t think about killing your kids when you said that you were thinking about what was going to happen to your kids and that they might be better off dead. Right. And Riacha indicated above that SHE thinks that you said you were talking about killing your kids. And the only one that DOESN’T think you were talking about killing your kids is you. You were certainly “indirectly confirming” that you were thinking about it.

        “Bill Clinton was a Baptist in the White House and he did not help install Islamist regimes to replace our secularist-Muslim allies in the war on terror. ”

        That’s strange, the only one I know of that installed Islamist regimes was your presidents predecessor, in a place called Iraq.

        “Bill Clinton knows. Bettina Viviano heard him say out loud that he knows Obama is ineligible. ”

        Right, like the word of a birther can be trusted on anything to do with your President. For example, Birthers insist that they were taught that you needed 2 citizen parents to be a natural born citizen too, but every single textbook they have ever found says you only have to be born in the 50 states.

        And birthers insisted that they could get a certified long form from Hawaii at will, but not one ever succeeded. Terry Lakin tried to get a long form for his own daughter and failed and yet still went ahead with his self destructive idiocy. We got that little bit of information from his brother.when Foggy asked him straight out had Lakin tried to get a long form himself. Oddly, that part was removed from the later podcast version of the radio show.

        Birthers insisted you could not even get into Little League Baseball with a short form.. and then the little leagers all said they had done just that

        So some birther saying that they hear Bill Clinton say something that he has never said to anyone else in the world is not worth the .cost of a coffee. Any more than some Birther saying they met Obama in Hawaii when he was actually away in college and Obama said he was going to be president.

        “We don’t recognize what somebody is by their WORDS. We recognize what they are by what they do, by the fruit they bear. ”

        That’s a nice allusion to James but it does not hold water. Passing health insurance reform and fighting to maintain a tax cut for the middle class, not to mention writing out of existence 2 amendments to the NDAA that were inserted by Republicans, does not equal the anti-christ.

        Yes, he did do that. See

        “Obama has alienated all the allies we ever had and supported Muslim extremist regimes instead.”

        The State of Israel would disagree with you. They recently awarded Your President their Highest award, the Presidential Medal of Distinction, for his constant and unequivocal support of Israel, your ally, against the threats from the countries around it, not your allies. Your European allies and Asian allies are similarly happy with him.

        And I hate to stun you, but it was not just Obama that supported the Lybian revolution. It was France and Britian who did most of the bombing with the US providing logistical support. Did you see the crowds cheering David Cameron and The French President being cheered after the fall of Gaddafi? it was quite a sight.

        The full Coalition of countries involved in the fighting in Lybia were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Qatar, Spain, UK and the US. Do you think they were all supporting the setting up of an Islamist regime?

        I could go on but you get the point. The worldview you are getting from FOX is not the world that exists in reality.

        As for the manpads, they have been turning up in drips and drabs, and I don’t know why Your President is responsible for what happened to stuff that Gaddafi bought from the Russians. 5000 of your 20000 had been recovered by Feb 2012 according to defencenews dot com, for example, and in April of that year the British concluded “The team has concluded that most remaining MANPADS are likely to be under the control of regional military councils and militias.” Which makes a lot more sense than your legions of witnesses being threatened with NDA’s and polygraphs.

        Finally, its amazing that you suddenly began to be against the PATRIOT act when a Democratic Administration came in and FOX suddenly began to scream about how awful it suddenly was, isn’t it.

        And I’m sorry that you wish to censor your blog due to having people actually critique your worldview and methods of not finding the truth at all, but that’s what all birthers do. You cant handle the simple truth that Your president is eligible and will be leaving office in about 2 years and 11 months.

      • Posted February 9, 2014 at 3:36 am | Permalink

        I approved Suranis’ comment and then remembered I had said I wasn’t going to. Raicha, did you indicate that you thought I was saying I was thinking about killing my kids? Have I ever censored the input that you gave to challenge my worldview or methods of finding out the truth?

        Just for everybody’s information, we don’t have cable. I don’t watch Fox.

        Egypt will be having a trial soon, and we’ve been told that part of it will be about Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars to incite violence against the newly-elected government, and $6 billion paid to Morsi’s regime to get Hamas to terrorize and kill Egyptians and take over in the part of Egypt nearest Israel. Egypt rightfully believes it was treason on the part of Morsi to wage war against his own people, and it can reasonably be argued that it is an act of war for Obama to PAY Morsi to target Israel, our ally. Some would even say it is treason – giving material aid and comfort to the enemies of America – for Obama to be paying money for terrorist organization Hamas to terrorize Egypt and set up a base of operations in Egypt from which they can attack American interests. We’ll see what evidence turns up, but Egypt was a strong ally of the US before Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pals got rid of Mubarak and tries establishing sharia. Normal Egyptians had lived freely enough under Mubarak that they knew they didn’t want the kind of government that Obama’s pals were up to. Muslims opposed to sharia protested Obama all over the Middle East for a while because they recognized his constant support for Muslim EXTREMIST regimes seeking to get rid of moderate and/or secular Muslim regimes already in place.

        It is really, really dangerous for people to pull the wool over their eyes when it comes to sharia. Here in the US we had a judge in Pennsylvania, I think, who punished an ATHEIST for mocking Mohammad, because that atheist tempted a foreign Muslim who was there into beating up the atheist. The atheist was supposed to realize that the Muslim grew up in a culture where mocking Mohammed is a capital offense, so he should have adhered to the Muslim’s expectations. IOW, we had a sharia ruling to set precedent here in the US, and it’s only going to get worse from here.

        But that’s a different subject. Raicha and the others, I will support your freedom to either wear a veil or a cross or not, to sleep with who you want, to be in the same room with who you want, to drive if you like, etc… but part of that is recognizing, right now, that the people Obama has aligned himself with from day one have been people who would make slaves of both you and me simply because we believe differently than them. Those are the people the US taxpayers, under the current regime, are supporting in Syria and who we supported in Egypt. The Syrian rebels we’re supporting have beheaded a person on video and then on video taken a bite out of the man’s heart. They have said that once they have established sharia in Syria they will come to the US and do the same.

        Moderate Egyptian Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike have said no to the “Muslim agenda” Obama’s regime is pushing in their region. They are pushing back. They know what is at stake. We need to hear what they are saying.

        I would never kill my children.

  3. euphgeek
    Posted February 9, 2014 at 12:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    For the record, I disagree with the way many people, like Zola and (to a lesser extent) Suranis are talking to you. I’m kind of embarrassed for them for attacking you in that way. But I think their underlying point is (or should be) that your methodology here showed huge glaring errors based on your assumption that there was something fishy about Fuddy’s death. This should cause you to call into question other things as well. Such as your reading of Hawaiian law where others who are more knowledgeable than you in that area have pointed out your errors, only for you to respond that they just don’t understand your evidence. Or your assumption that Breitbart was killed by a heart attack dart, despite others pointing out just how impossible that was. You have never (I assume) been formally trained in the law, forensics or image analysis. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve jumped to more than a few erroneous conclusions, don’t you think?

    • Posted February 9, 2014 at 3:01 am | Permalink | Reply

      I appreciate the courage it takes to say that.

      I didn’t pay any attention to Fuddy’s funeral for a long time because it really didn’t matter. If they were trying to cover up something I figured they’d have a Hollywood-style mock-up in her casket and that would be that. I was concentrating on other things like the discrepancies in the stories. It was only when somebody else asked me if Fuddy had an open-casket funeral that I checked and found the Honolulu Diocese’s image. I saw the round shape sticking up in the middle of the casket and that it didn’t appear to be connected to anything on any of its sides. The other two bumps seemed too small to be anything of much size or substance. And then I noticed other things.

      So as far as my bias causing me to jump to conclusions, my predisposition was that there would be something that at least looked like Fuddy in the casket, regardless of whether it was Fuddy or not. And I figured there’d probably be no way of knowing whether it was Fuddy or a mock-up so I wasn’t going to waste any time on it. I still don’t understand why they didn’t at least do that, at least from what appears to me.

      What matters to me is evidence. Everybody was giving their speculation about how the body would fit. Speculation is just that. I like something more solid than that. For instance, regarding Breitbart, arguments about a heart attack dart being impossible don’t do anything for me one way or another. There was a report to Congress explaining how they work. What I saw in Breitbart’s case was that the coroner immediately said that Breitbart hadn’t seen a doctor in over a year. I looked up the protocols for the LA County Coroner’s Office and saw that before the body is ever passed on to the coroner the medical records are compiled and handed over to the coroner. If the coroner said that Breitbart hadn’t seen a doctor in over a year, then that is most likely what the actual medical records said. When the stories started shifting to be ever more extreme – how he’d had chest pains, how he’d moved his office so he didn’t have to walk so far, how he’d had a small heart attack, and eventually to where he’d had a massive heart attack that hospitalized him for 2 weeks in the past 6 months (even though he hadn’t seen a doctor in over a year and had no prescription or street drugs in his system at the time of death)…. I noticed the discrepancies. I have no particular expertise in anything. The one thing I have is my powers of observation. I notice things that other people don’t necessarily notice. All the arguments over how stupid it is to think of a “conspiracy” or how impossible “conspiracies” are mean nothing to me. The only thing that matters is evidence, and the evidence said that the stories were shifting as we went along. With the Cormier death we just reached ridiculous levels of obvious problems. The guy goes to the doctor with acute, classic symptoms of arsenic poisoning and says he thinks he’s been poisoned but the doctors send him home without testing him for poisoning because they thought he “only” had a perforated bowel, which is fatal if left untreated? Really? These people think we’re idiots. Blatant arsenic poisoning is seldom used now because the symptoms set on a half-hour after exposure, so it is really easy for law enforcment to catch the killer when the poisoning is so blatant, by just re-tracing the footsteps of the victim back a half-hour in time. And Cormier’s was blatant. Yet the cops, given this too-easy crime to solve, didn’t even investigate. The whole thing was ridiculously blatant because of the discrepancies and odd behavior. That’s the kind of evidence that needs to be explained, and “Oh, a conspiracy is crazy” just doesn’t do the job.

      I have jumped to conclusions before and I’ve made stupid mistakes. That’s why I post my evidence – so that if there is evidence or convincing explanations to refute the evidence I’m looking at, somebody can correct me. But it can’t just be “you have to believe this because I’m smarter than you or because conspiracies are impossible.” Raicha told me how I could find out that I was wrong. That was concrete. I could see it with my own eyes and when I saw it I was convinced that I had been wrong, after double-checking it with the math and trying to get to the bottom of where I went wrong. Another poster here – a couple actually – said the grid is not square. At first I thought they were probably talking about distortion from it being a photo, because there is some distortion from the curve of the monitor in the photo, but I decided to do some measurements. Measurements are evidence I can sink my teeth into. Just “Oh, you made this stuff up because you want to accuse everybody because you’re a liar and a hateful person” does absolutely nothing to convince me of anything. The facts are everything. A person can give their interpretation of HI laws, but in legal terms “shall” has a very specific meaning. “And” has a very specific meaning.

      I also have some inside knowledge from what I and my colleagues got from workers at the HDOH. We interacted with them, and the rank-and-file workers are a lot more straightforward than the official spokespersons. They don’t know to hide things. I spoke with a guy at HDOT who was very nice. I asked him to respond to my emailed request so I would have a record that they had gotten my request. He said he’d have to ask somebody about that and get permission to communicate with me via email because my email address was being monitored. I could tell as his voice tapered off that he was thinking, “Oh, no. I wasn’t supposed to say that!” I acted like I hadn’t noticed, said I’d appreciate if he would ask and then respond if he was able, and then thanked him. I don’t want him to get into trouble. A person should never get into trouble for simply being honest. And there were other workers like that too, and the things that they said factor into my understanding of how the “explanations” go. Some of those things I don’t know if I can say publicly or not, because I don’t know what my former colleagues’ wishes would be on that. But I have very good reasons for believing the HDOH would never issue a verification of Obama’s birth facts.

      I have other knowledge about the Fuddy situation also. The only challenge is to find somebody who is willing to verify the information I have and present it to the public. The venom spewed towards anybody who merely presents information is killing journalistic integrity in this country. You shouldn’t – any of you – have to hear any of this stuff from me. You should be hearing it from a journalist with integrity. Right now Sharyl Atkisson has about all she can handle dealing with the computer problems she was hit with around the same time as somebody at the White House screamed at her for not just accepting the official story line on Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Right now James Rosen may still be reeling over the phone-tapping on his family members. Breitbart and Hastings are dead. James O’Keefe is being targeted by the DOJ. It’s a really, really rough time to be a journalist with integrity. Not unlike other times in the world’s history…

      • euphgeek
        Posted February 9, 2014 at 3:17 am | Permalink

        I’m not saying that you didn’t see any discrepancies, but isn’t it possible that a more mundane explanation is likely? I’m not an expert in any of those things, either, but I would think that if there was actually something there, at least one reputable lawyer, forensics person, etc. would tell you that yes, you do have something there. Instead, you have birthers losing 200+ cases and only crackpot lawyers on your side. I’m just saying, maybe look at what people who disagree with you are saying, and ask yourself if they could be right. Maybe even try arguing from their point of view. If nothing else, it could strengthen your own arguments.

      • Posted February 9, 2014 at 3:46 am | Permalink

        If you rule out anybody as being “reputable” because they are a “birther”, then of course there are no “reputable” lawyers who stand with the “birthers”.

        I have a theory about why none of the political/judicial/media powers-that-be are standing up to any of this: threats. It’s already been confirmed by law enforcement that the media heads were threatened to have their companies destroyed if they allowed anybody to report on the eligibility issue. It should come as no surprise. Was is Rahm Emanuel who came straight out and said to the AIG execs (or was it Chrysler; I can’t remember) that the IRS was going to annihilate them if they fought the government takeover? So what do we have now? Lois Lerner’s IRS targeting conservative political groups but giving rapid exempt status to Obama’s brother that was doing fund-raising for the designated-terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Well… there is way too much to say on all this stuff. Have I asked myself why nobody does anything about any of this stuff if there’s really something there? Everybody has. But as one scandal after another is somewhat exposed and then just sort of dropped with nothing ever coming of it, I think a lot of people are realizing we live in a lawless country. There is nobody upholding the rule of law. On anything. And that’s a very, very dangerous place to be. That was the reason I got involved in this, in the first place. For me this is not about Obama. It’s about whether we have the rule of law or not. And over and over and over again, we are finding that nobody is willing or able to stop this regime from doing whatever lawless acts it darn well pleases. That’s very serious stuff, and it cannot end well. Think it through, and I think you’ll understand what I’m saying.

      • euphgeek
        Posted February 9, 2014 at 4:09 am | Permalink

        Well, when you have one lawyer (Berg) who was previously a 9/11 truther, another one (Taitz) who can’t even figure out how to properly file lawsuits, let alone all the lawyers who can’t figure out that the courts are not the proper venue for this sort of thing despite being told several times, I think it’s safe to say that the reason they’re not reputable has nothing to do with the fact that they’re birthers, but rather being a birther is a side effect of them being disreputable.

        As far as threats go, it’s just not plausible that one man’s election team could threaten every single person who works for the state of Hawaii, the NSA, the SSA, the CIA, the Clinton and McCain campaigns, the Secret Service, the Attorneys General in every state, the Bush administration, FOX News, every journalist in the country, and probably millions more people, without someone coming forward about it.

        Furthermore, I haven’t seen any evidence of so-called “lawlessness” or “scandals” from the Obama administration. I’ve seen what some on the far right call lawlessness and scandals, but then it turns out to be things that every other president has done for at least decades, but no one complained then. Believe me, if the Obama administration were lawless, I would be right there with you protesting his actions.

      • Posted February 9, 2014 at 5:31 am | Permalink

        I suggest you read David Limbaugh’s latest book, from what I’ve heard.

        There are good clues that the Sept 2008 electronic run on the bank was Soros-related, as well as Islamist-related. Soros has said he believes he is God and that the 2 evils he needs to destroy are capitalism and the US. He’s said that he’s afraid of America winning the “war on terror” because then America and capitalism would be strong, and those are the evils he needs to destroy in the world. That sounds an awful lot like he’s aligned himself with the Islamists/terrorists as well as the communists he’s always allied himself with. There was chatter among the Muslim terrorists about an impending economic attack on the US around that time. Ghadaffi said in a speech that world Muslim money was getting Obama elected. Etc Etc. Anyway, if the electronic run on the bank, which happened just as John McCain had overtaken Obama in the polls and immediately reversed the trend, was done by Soros and his world-Muslim allies in oder to get Obama elected so that he could work toward collapsing the US economy and providing a crisis to usher in both communism and worldwide sharia…. then once that run on the bank demonstrated that Soros’ alliance had control of enough assets to collapse a world economy driven to the edge by debt and irresponsible buying and borrowing, then he had the ideal gun to hold to the heads of everybody: do what I say or I will send civilization back to the 1200’s. A week after the run on the bank, Obama called up McCain. Within an hour after getting off the phone with Obama McCain was suspending his campaign and asking to call off the Presidential debates. The same day GW Bush, who had until then been leaving things up to Congress, decided to make a speech to the nation saying that if we didn’t pass TARP the world as we know it would end. The world economy would collapse. In the few days after that Bush was speaking in apocalyptic terms. Somebody had scared the living tar out of him, and it all started the same day as McCain was ready to give up his campaign.

        In the next few days Castro and Chavez were both saying that “since capitalism has failed”, the world should try communism. Within days Ahmadinejad and Zawahiri were saying “since capitalism has failed” the world should try sharia-compliant finance – and indeed within days of the run on the bank Bernanke (or was it Paulsen? I get those 2 mixed up) were leading seminars on sharia-compliant financing. The IMF was meeting in Europe to decide what to do now that “capitalism had failed”. It reeked of George Soros and all the hatred he has towards America and capitalism. Bear in mind that Soros has said that he owns the democratic party; he has bought and paid for it; it is “mine” (he says). And he has sworn to destroy America and capitalism.

        Now think, if you’re the head of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Clear Channel, etc, and David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel come to you and say that what happened in the September run on the bank was just a dry run and the big one is coming unless you do as you’re told, what would you do? If you were GW Bush and Dick Cheney and you’re told that, what would you do? If you’re Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Boehner, or John Roberts, what would you do?

        The media companies called together their on-air personalities and said that the FCC and FEC were going to annihilate the company if anybody allowed Obama’s eligibility to be discussed, so to make sure nobody got crazy ideas, they should know that if they or any of their guests brought it up their career would be OVER and their lives and the lives of their loved ones were questionable. Zullo has confirmed that at least one of the threatened people fled the country in fear for the life of her child.

        The Hillary people say they’ve been threatened. They say that Bill Clinton’s good friend, head of the Arkansas Democratic Party Bill Gwatney, was shot dead shortly after he agreed to bring up a petition at the DNC Convention calling for a revote, which would release a bunch of delegates from their obligation to vote for Obama and would thus open up an opportunity for the Clintons to present their evidence of Obama’s ineligibility. Then Stephanie Tubbs agreed to do it and she died within days of an “aneurysm” by some reports although the family was very testy about saying anything about how she died. The day after she died Phil Berg, a Hillary supporter, filed suit against Obama and the DNC, saying that as a democrat who had invested in the party he had a right to an ELIGIBLE candidate. Both of those deaths happened within 2 weeks of the DNC Convention, where the “Recreate ’68” mob mentality was being swung into high gear. Who were those people going to riot against? Rush Limbaugh? I don’t think so. They were on hand to make trouble in case the Clintons went ahead with their original intentions. And they say the Clintons gave up when Chelsea’s life was threatened.

        This is what the Hillary people are saying. These are not Fox News people, not conservatives. These are hard-core democrats who supported Hillary. If you’re even THINKING of voting for Hillary in 2016 then you might think twice about calling her inner core a bunch of “crazy birthers”.

        The spying that is going on right now is at levels never seen before, on ordinary people. Yet when we had a Saudi “person of interest” who the CIA had labeled as a “known terrorist” in the hospital and searched his apartment and brought out a bunch of stuff – what did this regime do? This regime met with the Saudi ambassador, took the “known terrorist” label off this guy, sent Michelle Obama to visit him so all his terrorist buddies all over the world could laugh about the First Lady high-fiving him after killing the little kid at the finish line while he waited for his dad to cross the finish line….. and then flew him out of town before the Boston Police could show him some Boston style justice. You and I have to have every part of our life under a microscope just in case we might somebody have to be labeled a “known terrorist”, but when they catch a “known terrorist” with blood and explosion wounds on his hands from a terrorist attack on US soil, they give him a personal visit of comfort/congratulations, take his name off the terrorist list, and fly him away from justice in a luxury jet.

        I better stop talking. I get more and more angry when I think about all the lawlessness. If you can’t see it, maybe you’re not looking very closely.

  4. WoodchuckRN
    Posted February 27, 2014 at 5:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    My question is, since the conservative front-runner for ’16 is now the Canadian-born son of a Cuban, Ted Cruz – eligible on the basis of his mother’s American citizenship – what does the LOCATION, much less other circumstances, of Obama’s birth even matter anymore? It’s not like we’re witnesses to our own birth; by the time we’re able to understand language, it’s all hearsay.

    And I wish supporters of Mike Zullo would stop with the misleading monikers ‘officer’ and ‘lieutenant,’ since he’s a private civilian investigator with no sworn law enforcement privileges. At this point it’s a wonder he’s gotten away without an impersonation charge.

    • Posted February 27, 2014 at 8:36 pm | Permalink | Reply

      This isn’t about the circumstances of Obama’s birth. It’s about crimes committed and justice obstructed.

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