I don’t have time to deal with all the side issues that have been brought up but I know if I don’t let posters have the last word I’ll be accused of censoring. So I’m just going to C&P the comments submitted (except one that was asked to be private), and let you guys talk it out at your own place. If I didn’t have other things to do I’d happily duke it out with you (especially those who seem open to civil discussion) – show you my sources and respond to what you’ve said, most of which I’ve responded to in other places already – but more pressing things are calling me.  I will admit that I haven’t taken the time to read everything Zola wrote.

I’ll just copy them how they arrived in my inbox:

Trevor Bayliss commented on Threats


Let’s start with Ye Older Heart Attack Dart shall we..?

Now according to you BZ, Breitbart was murdered with one, using Pottasium Chloride, as he was about to reveal something or other about Obamas birth certificate

Now, in the real world, Breitbart had described Birthers as delusional, refused to accept any of their premises and never published any of their stuff. So, since that would kinda make him the regimes non birther (Indirect proof I believe you like to say) then it was in the regimes interest to keep him alive.

Next we have the Pottasium Chloride (KCl) dart o’death.

So, how much KCl does it take to kill someone? Well as it happens there is an exact number, 35 mg per Kg. Breitbarts, as per the autopsy report weighed 251 lbs which is 114 kg. Simple math, the minimum amount necessary would be…..4 teams

Well, surely that is a teeny weeny amount, again with boring old mathematics. The density of pure KCl is 1.984 gm per cubic cm which means the minimum amount is 2 cubic cm. So, to kill Breitbart we have to drop a total of 2 cm2 into his bloodstream

All in agreement so far I trust..?

Of course that ignores the boring and mundane matter that it has to be in his bloodstream for a quick kill as if it hits fat or muscle it will take a considerable amount of time to leach into the bloodstream so he wouldn’t have just dropped dead, as witnessed by individuals.

So, just how big is this dart bearing in mind it has to leave, at most, as you stated “a small red mark”……Again with boring old sums

To make a “small red mark” you need a small diameter dart so no wider, at its widest than 1mm. Since it is a “dart” and has to be at least marginally aerodynamic that makes it either a cylinder or a cone . Anything else will have the flight characteristics of a drunken sloth.

Well here’s a bit of a problem…..if we have a diameter of 1 mm and a volume of 2000 cubic mm then the cylinder is 20 cm long , just short of 8 inches long

It’s even worse with the cone, a cone with a base of 1mm dia would have to be 76 cm or 30 inches long.

Somehow methinks that a dart between 8 and 30 inches in length is going to be fairly obvious to even the meanest of intellects.

See, BZ this is what happens when you start with a completely insane conclusion and then try and shoehorn “facts” that meet you prejudices into the conclusion.

Same with all your other “research”, you start with the conclusion then work backwards.. Fuddy dies in a plane accident therefore it must be a deliberate murder by the regime, ergo the “facts” must be made up to fit the conclusion.

Then look at your latest bucket of fail. Working from you personal need that Fuddy was murdered by Obama, it therefore must follow that the funeral is fake, so when you can’t make the facts conform go the personal belief there must therefore be a conspiracy to suppress your truth.

BZ,for the sake of your sanity, your family and soul, step away from the keyboard, focus on the precepts of Christianity and try to live a real life, not this fantasy of the doughty investigator uncovering the secrets of the evil satanic regime.

Suranis commented on Threats

“Egypt will be having a trial soon, ”

What trial

“and we’ve been told”

By whom

” that part of it will be about Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars to incite violence against the newly-elected government”

And a google search for that turns up bubkis. Apart from a WND article my Jerome Corsi, the same guy whi tried to have us believe that a gold ring Your President wears, consisting of a simpile design of lines, was actually Arabic script based on an out of focus picture..

And, stunningly, the “newly elected government” refereed to would have been the government of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So all you have is all very vague stuff with absolutely no evidence to back it up

And you do know that the new government of Egypt contains parties that are more extreme than the Brotherhood, right, and whom are actively pushing for the implementation of Sharia law, right?

“We’ll see what evidence turns up,”

Meaning you don’t have any.

“and $6 billion paid to Morsi’s regime to get Hamas to terrorize and kill Egyptians and take over in the part of Egypt nearest Israel. ”

That neatly explains why Israel awarded Obama the Presidential medal for protecting Isreal because Mossad which is in the area would have no idea about all that at all but some Housewife in the middle of nowhere does because she cant work her computer right and one of her car leads broke due to lack of proper maintenance.

And STUNNINGLY Mubarak received the same amount of Aid from The Obama regime, and the Bush regime and and and. Egypt has been receiving taxpayers money from America for decades, but if only became SINISTER under The Democrat. That’s the big lie, that the normal aid routinely given to Egypt was actually SINISTER aid given directly to the Brotherhood.

“Normal Egyptians had lived freely enough under Mubarak that they knew they didn’t want the kind of government that Obama’s pals were up to.”

Sure, that explains why they revolted against Mubarak and voted in the Brotherhood in a democratic election.

Girl, you don’t have the first damn clue about international events and you don’t know ANYTHING about Egypt. That’s why you completely ignored me pointing out that Israel had actually honoured Obama’s efforts to protect Israel. It completely blows your narrative to pieces. Your whole worldview is a lie and and the sad thing is that you know it. You just want to invent reasons to hate your President.

Who isn’t a Muslim. And Sharia Law does NOT include Health insurance reform, by the way.

You also ignored me rubbishing your claims about MANPADS, that the evil plan to make Libya an Islamic state would have had to have been a plan of the entire world and not Obama.

And the fact that Obama wrote the NDAA out of existence.

Which basically means that you believe this Bullcrap because you want to believe it. You know not very deep down that its all a lie, you just cant bear to face it for whatever reason.

Israel, which really exists right beside Egypt and really has an entire intelligence service dedicated to finding threats to Israel, honoured Obama for his efforts to protect it. That alone means that your narrative from the intelligence abilities of a housewife who cant work a computer and who lives in the middle of nowhere, America, is dead as a doornail.

Now do what your husband is telling you to do and get help.

euphgeek commented on Threats

I suggest you read David Limbaugh’s latest book, from what I’ve heard.

Really? A partisan book written by Rush’s brother? That would be like me telling you to read a book by Che Guevara for proof that Marxism works.

…In the few days after that Bush was speaking in apocalyptic terms. Somebody had scared the living tar out of him, and it all started the same day as McCain was ready to give up his campaign.

You’re giving George Soros way too much credit. And by “way too much,” I mean “any”. You’re suggesting that he is more powerful than the U.S. government, the Bush administration and all of Wall Street put together. It simply sounds too ridiculous to be even halfway believable outside of a John Grisham novel.

…Bear in mind that Soros has said that he owns the democratic party; he has bought and paid for it; it is “mine” (he says). And he has sworn to destroy America and capitalism.

I’d like to see a source for that quote. The only thing I could find was that an RNC spokeswoman said that about him in 2004, but no quote directly from Soros. Besides, even if he did say that, it doesn’t make it true.

…what would you do?

I would think I had just been handed the story of the century on a silver platter. There’s absolutely no way one rich liberal can keep all those people quiet.

The Hillary people say they’ve been threatened.

Who, exactly? Who did they say it to? An anonymous quote is not credible.

They say that Bill Clinton’s good friend, head of the Arkansas Democratic Party Bill Gwatney, was shot dead…

Who is “they”? None of what you’re saying so far makes any sense or has any credibility.

The day after she died Phil Berg, a Hillary supporter, filed suit against Obama and the DNC, saying that as a democrat who had invested in the party he had a right to an ELIGIBLE candidate.

Remember, this is the same Phil Berg who thinks President Bush planned 9/11. He has absolutely zero credibility.

And they say the Clintons gave up when Chelsea’s life was threatened.

There’s that elusive “they” again.

If you’re even THINKING of voting for Hillary in 2016 then you might think twice about calling her inner core a bunch of “crazy birthers”.

I have no problem criticizing anyone on my side who comes up with insane conspiracy theories. If Hillary hires birthers, her judgment is in question and she should not be president.

The spying that is going on right now is at levels never seen before, on ordinary people.

Not true. That’s just what Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald want you to think. Are you sure you want to side with Greenwald?

Yet when we had a Saudi “person of interest” who the CIA had labeled as a “known terrorist” in the hospital and searched his apartment and brought out a bunch of stuff

Evidence? What “bunch of stuff” was brought out? Remember, Richard Jewell was also a “person of interest”.

I get more and more angry when I think about all the lawlessness. If you can’t see it, maybe you’re not looking very closely.

Or maybe you’re looking too closely at things that just aren’t there.

zola commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

Well you did fess up – good for you. Basking in the glory of comments praising you for something you were forced into. Maybe God will forgive your lying, nobody reading this blog will.. It’s a shame you couldn’t resist taking all the credit for exposing the error – whereas in fact we here all know you only did it because you were forced to. And you still havent had the good character to admit to anyone that the threats from Microsoft were actually standard error messages. (I know it’s really embarrassing – but you started it so you have to finsih it! In the future, don’t make such outlandish claims.)

Could you please make it clear in the comments on FR that you were wrong about Microsoft too – and Obots pointed that out to you.

Now I note that in the FR comments you are still trying to claim there is something amiss, despite every one of your issues having a much more reasonable expaplanantion than conspiracy. So if you are still insisting that Fuddy was not dead in that casket, then you are STILL accusing hundreds of innocent people of lying, including Fuddy’s grieveing family and friends. That is despicable and must stop now.

Just imagine if the child that you have admitted you have allowed to become super morbidly obese under your care (tut tut Nellie), dies in his 50’s of heart disease, and people examine footage of his funeral, including you mourning over his casket – and then you are accused of treason on nothing more than an idiot with zero expertise who doesn’t understand how shadows on fabric work? Sounds outrageous and it is – but that is exactly what you have done, even after having your dozens of mistakes in your analysis pointed out to you over and over again, only for those debunkers to become part of your conspiracy. And I can’t have that – as long as you are accusing innocent people of heinous crimes, I will be here mocking you.. So lets see an apology that explains how everything you claimed was wrong, and the Obots patiently explained it to you until it got into that thick head of your.

zola commented on Threats

Euphgeek – now do you understand how attempts to reason with Butternutt are pointless? You just get reams of even nuttier stuff. It’s how she wins arguments – she smothers people to the point that they give up.. You may think I am being unkind to Butter, but I have stood by and said nothing as she libels literally thousand of people – and I’ve had enough.

She has upset the berieved family of an honest and well loved public servant, that she had previoulsy accused of lying, fraud and treason, and who should be executed for her crimes. I kid you not.. Nice, eh? And she just wont stop. She clothes herself in her religion and thinks that makes her morally superior, whereas I think she is one of the worst people I have come across in many years of net debunking. The onluy thing one can say in her defence is that sghe truly believes the nonsense.

zola commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

Butter, you have frequently called for public officials to be hanged for treason. When you are innocent, being hanged amounts to murder. So yes, you have called for the murder of hundreds of innocent people, including your President. That is sedition.

Now that you have, no doubt cleverly in your own mind, found a reason to stop posting my comments, it’s going to get messier. The trouble for you is that it is now very obvious what information you are afraid of publishing, but of course I can publish all of it including your responses elsewhere. See how that works? You may find it less humiliating to show them here than in the highly visible blogs that I could post it all. You have about 70 readers – wonkette has millions. You will no doubt consider this a threat – I consider it telling you what I will do if you continue to deceive. Stop your wrong doing, and I will stop calling you out on it. Simples.

zola commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

“Having the sheathing on the wiring cut is much more serious than vandalism. There were sparks near the engine and that van could easily have exploded. Fatally.”

Ok ,here you are making more absurd claims. In your research, did you find out how many people replace these similar wires each year on similarly aged vehicles? Is it more than a thousand, more than a million? Are they all targetted by the remime too? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it just shows you have jumped to conclusions without doing any proper research. Or is it possible a very common fault occurred with your vehicle? You are now accusing people of trying to murder you and your family. Where is your evidence that the wires were cut and not just frayed, and where is your evidence that Obama is responsible? Got none? No photos even? Didn’t think so.

vivisectus commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

Look, you seem to be putting the cart before the horse. You did not get it wrong because of anything NOT working. You were using the wrong method, the wrong tools, and then *changed the size of the images yourself*.

There would have been absolutely no *reason* to hack your computer in the first place!

But then again, what on earth was this whole exercise supposed to prove? That Fuddy is not dead? Or that they swapped the body? But why would anyone want to do that? What were you hoping to achieve, exactly?

If I was some government spook, watching you do this on my little terminal, I would positively want to encourage you to keep going. I would certainly not harm your computer or slow you down in any way: I cannot think of a better way to discredit the whole birther movement than to make sure you can spread this “research” far and wide!

Which, of course, brings us to the wonderfully ironic result of this whole debacle:

It is entirely possible that somewhere, some poor paranoid birther/freeper is now convinced you are in fact working for the government!

zola commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

I have an idea. Give us your best single piece of evidence for your theory – and we’ll debunk it on wonkette within 24 hours. Go on, if you’re that sure – give it your best shot. One single piece of evidence that would be admissable in a court. What are you afraid of?

John Wilson commented on The Hands Photographed Cannot be Loretta Fuddy in That Casket

“I know some things that you don’t about what happened out there in the ocean and what the people who were there know about it.”

Sure you do.

zola commented on Threats

You want to explain all the other people laughing their heads off on Fogbow about your threatening comment then?

And like I said, I’ll be coming over to the states after the HUUUUUGE CCCP reveal in March. Arrest me.

Me too Suranis. I’m in the US 3 or 4 times a year – let’s do a public debate with Nellie at the location of her proving. I’l pay all our airfares and hotels – please, please make it NY ? We’ll bring our lawyers and IT experts, and she can bring her list of facts indirectly confirmed by a murdered public official. Who do you think will win?

WoodchuckRN commented on I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

“The sheathing on my husband’s car was cut the day after I was put into contact with Lt Col Terry Lakin’s defense team, to help overcome the presumption of regularity by bringing forward examples of HDOH wrong-doing such as Sunahara’s birth not being in their computer records even though her name was in the birth index, and the altered 1960-64 birth index – something that would only be known to somebody who had access to my emails and/or phone calls. About a week later a trojan totally destroyed my daughter’s hard drive which I was working on because my own computer was freezing up constantly even though the CPU usage was right around 0%.”

I hear you; the timing seemed significant. But here’s the thing; for years you’ve been as invested in the birther movement as anyone, almost 24/7, like others observed….heck, as you’ve observed yourself at times. Chances are there are few days over the years since 2008 that you WEREN’T working on something significant-seeming or feeling issue or whatnot, whether it eventually amounted to anything or not. That’s just to say that your intense involvement in this movement is a setup for experiencing ‘confirmation bias.’ Meaning your daily involvement enables you to easily construe any inconvenient, untoward, or God-forbid dangerous event that’s since surfaced in your life (which happens to all of us – I just had a gas leak over the weekend, and last September a 46 yo friend died in his home of radon poisoning) as coincidental to something you’re working on. I bet you’ve experienced little down-time from this project over the years. Assuming what you believe were true, what’s in fact miraculous is the reality that you seem to continue leading a pretty safe, health & unfettered life, posting, blogging, emailing – the picture of pursuing your own version of life, liberty and happiness, as it were. My impression is that your experience manifests as much as anything our continued right to free speech, however much it offends, criticizes, and impugns the leaders in charge. To me that’s a beautiful thing, and should I perceive any threat to your right to exercise that, I’d fight it, too. But I’m sorry, I just don’t.

WoodchuckRN commented on Threats

I’m sorry, but James O’Keefe is not a person of integrity.

Regarding being on the DOJ’s ‘radar,’ his only contact resulted from entering a Federal building under false pretenses, for which he was arrested and plead guilty to a single misdemeanor count. For that he got slapped on the wrist with a years’ probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $1,500 fine. That’s basically the sentence first-time drunk drivers get.

Second, he outfitted a boat outside his Maryland home with sex toys and porn, dubbing it ‘The Pleasure Palace’ in hopes of seducing or punking a CNN reporter. That’s not the behavior of someone with integrity, much less a reputable journalism career.

Andrew Breibart I disagree with but respected….James O’Keefe, sorry, no way.

WoodchuckRN commented on Threats

Let’s be fair. George Soros claimed he was God in the same sense & spirit others claimed you said you would murder your own children, both of which are ridiculous. Look at the context of the original quote, which is from The Alchemy of Finance, published in 1987, in which he said, “I have always harboured an exaggerated view of my self-importance…to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes, or, even better, like Einstein.” Soros’ reference to ‘a god’ was a figurative, not literal, expression. That it was not capitalized underscores this. Let’s not cast hyperbolic aspersions upon one another; they only inflame constructive dialogue.



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