Kawasaki Underwater Images

Here are the full-screen, no-cropping, no-enhancing images of the Kawasaki underwater sequence, with Bandicam timestamp showing (slowed down 16x I think) Looks like I left out 2 images in the youtube – the ones where you can’t see the yellow.

These first ones are before the ones I included in the youtube; they give some context. Turns out that Kawasaki (and probably the 70-ish-year-old guy) apparently wasn’t treading water. He was apparently holding onto a black cushion.

nl 1-05-55-63

nl 1-05-55-63nl 1-05-58-17nl 1-06-00-30nl 1-06-01-37nl 1-06-03-47nl 1-06-05-63nl 1-06-10-33nl 1-06-12-50nl 1-06-12-50 nl 1-06-14-67nl 1-06-14-67 nl 1-06-16-73nl 1-06-18-90nl 1-06-22-10nl 1-06-24-30nl 1-06-26-43nl 1-06-28-60nl 1-06-29-60

This one is ZTnl 1-06-32-73

ZUnl 1-06-33-87

ZVnl 1-06-35-93

ZW:nl 1-06-37-03


I skipped these next 2, apparentlynl 1-06-39-20

nl 1-06-40-27


ZX:nl 1-06-42-53

ZY:nl 1-06-44-53


ZZ:nl 1-06-45-63

ZZA:nl 1-06-47-80

ZZB:nl 1-06-49-83

ZZC:nl 1-06-50-93

I stopped there. The frames to finish out the entire sequence of underwater shots are these last 2.

nl 1-06-53-10nl 1-06-55-30

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