Some Background Information

Some have expressed concern because I’ve not posted for a while. Thank you for caring. I’ve had a lot of real-life stuff that has required my attention, in addition to the research.

To those who have given me information or input, thank you! I have read what you said and have been processing it in my mind and collating it with other information I’ve received. A lot of the processing and information I’ve got right now can’t be revealed yet because I have a bunch of pending FOIA requests and I want to make sure that state and federal agencies don’t know what discrepancies they need to try to mitigate, so they don’t know how to alter the records they give me. The records I’ve got so far show serious discrepancies on every major detail regarding this crash and the response to it, and also show some agencies manipulating the data to try to hide things. So I know that manipulation of the records is a very real possibility. I’ve been biting my tongue, trying not to say more than I should in places like Free Republic.

Every request I’ve made has been like pulling teeth, with emails disappearing, UIPA (HI’s FOIA) responses getting “lost” in the US mail, delays, appeals, non-responses, etc. I’ve had to babysit every request, forcing people to do what is required by law, force-feeding them the legal reasons why they have to respond and why the records are discloseable, appealing their non-responses or denials, reminding them they haven’t responded, double-checking to make sure they got my communications and I got theirs, looking up contact information for people who aren’t responding or to whom my request was forwarded, sorting out how my requests were divided and whose responses are about what part of the request (a way that the FAA was able to cancel a request, since I didn’t know that the longer deadline I was given only applied to a portion of the request  that was separated from my original request without the agency telling me what part was separated), etc.

So it’s been a zoo. The extra people in the water just minutes after the crash strongly suggest that the crash was planned in advance. I will say that the combined records so far allude to 11 people who were pulled from the water by rescuers and at least another 2 who swam ashore. That’s 13 people when the “official narrative” claims only 9 were there. So the extra people shown in the video are also corroborated by the records, with summaries provided to the public contradicting what’s in the internal records.

Why was the crash planned? The answer to that depends on whether Fuddy is actually dead. Some of my records requests are trying to get to the bottom of that, using records that are required public disclosures. MAJOR obstructions on all those records.

Part of the obstructions could be legally-justified, IF this crash was planned in order to put Fuddy into witness protection – if not on a federal level then on a state level. Either level would make it mandatory for the agencies to hide information which would reveal Fuddy’s hidden protected status, if the AG so ordered it. HI statute allows the AG to do ANYTHING that he/she deems necessary to “protect” somebody who somewhere down the line might testify for the government in some investigation or legal proceeding – as long as the AG believes that investigation/case will have a lot of people interested in it and the potential witness could be in danger.

Rather than take the time to rewrite everything, I’m going to adapt what I posted elsewhere, about that, and about the whole idea of faked deaths and whether it is an unthinkably crazy theory. Given the evidence that the crash was planned, the alternate theory is murder.

The rest of this post is how I responded when asked the question, “Who/what was in the casket?”:

I have no way of knowing because the image that I know is genuinely from the funeral and shows some of the interior of the casket doesn’t seem to match the photoshopped images. What’s in the middle of the casket in the genuine photo looks dark and round, not like the pasty-white hands from the other images. There’s not much empty space on either side of the person, in the casket showing the hands. But it seems like you can see the whole side cushion inside the coffin in the genuine photo – with no arms, torso or anything showing. The style of the casket seems different – rounded top versus flat top, different profile when the lid was open, etc. The images just don’t seem to match.

And I can’t help but wonder why they photoshopped the other images.

So I don’t know. I have no way of knowing. What I do know is that something seems screwy, with the photoshopping and the images not seeming to match.

And I suppose Fred is right. I suppose you’re setting me up to laugh at me, because of course funerals are NEVER faked. Reading a bit, I find that drownings are the easiest way to fake a death because there doesn’t have to be a body. That makes it all the more interesting that the acting coroner’s information officer, Lt William Juan, was quoted in the LA Times the day after the crash, saying that Fuddy’s body was retrieved from the wreckage. The confusion over how many people were in the plane, how many swam ashore, who picked them out of the water, etc means that to this day the public claims of what really happened don’t match the number of people reported in the records as having been retrieved. There are differing numbers reported as having been transported. The lat-longitude coordinates for where the helos went when they transported people make no sense.

Confusion like that allowed several different claims to be an option – from Fuddy drowning and her body not being found, to her drowned body being retrieved from the wreckage, to her dying in the water, to her being in critical condition when found but dying while she was being worked on… And almost all those stories have been simultaneously claimed by different people in the reports or in the media statements. There may have been Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D, and people got confused over which one was actually going to be used. Maybe it depended on how things went. For whatever reason, the timing of the crash being discovered, the media report of one dead, the timing of when the helicopters were where and what was in the Fire Dept versus the USCG CAD transcripts, when the aircraft arrived, etc were all off as well as the stories of where and in what condition Fuddy was found, by whom, by whom she was lifted, where she was taken once lifted, etc, which are all off. They have internal and external inconsistencies. Which is what clued in a lot of people (including myself) to the suspicious nature of this crash, even before the video surfaced showing extra people and equipment in the water.

At there is a 2002 interview with the guy who founded the federal Witsec program. I believe around the 30-minute mark he says that they don’t need to do elaborate schemes to make it appear that somebody died because the US is a big enough place that a person can effectively be hidden (Note that this was in 2002 – before we had surveillance cameras, drones, etc all over the place). And that’s probably true for low-profile people. It might not be as true for somebody widely-known, and especially if it is somebody people all over the country might recognize and suspect as still being alive.

Such a person might not so easily hide in this age of surveillance and social media – as evidenced by the fact that by the time of Fuddy’s funeral a dear Freeper sleuth had discovered Fuddy’s alternate facebook account using the name she thought only her friends would recognize: Deliana Antone, the name under which it is claimed that she bought with cash a multi-million-dollar house in Florida shortly after her alleged death.

An interesting factoid about the FEDERAL WITSEC program: people in the program are not allowed to contact their non-protected friends and relatives after getting their new identity and are urged to choose a new LAST NAME but to keep their original first name. By using Deliana instead of Loretta, Fuddy would have ensured that her friends and family would be able to know it was her – and especially since she already had a facebook account under that name (though it is impossible to know who set up that FB account or when…)

Another interesting factoid: the feds will not provide a credit record for the new identity taken by people in the WITSEC program. If such a person wanted to buy a house they would not have the credit references needed to get a loan. They would have to pay cash.

The introduction to that audio clip says, “From arranging fake funerals to obtaining breast implants for a mobster’s wife — the federal witness protection program has done and seen it all. Gerald Shur, the man who created the program, joins Kojo for a behind-the-scenes discussion.” That is just one of the places where it is mentioned that a fake funeral can be part of the process of giving somebody a new identity. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the Obama regime gave dozens of Benghazi witnesses new identities in order to keep them hidden from Congressional investigators, so the Obama regime probably has the fake funeral streamlined pretty well by now…

HRS 338-17.7 is where the HDOH (under the control of the Director) is authorized to give a new, totally fake BC for somebody with a Hawaii BC if law enforcement says a BC with different claims is necessary for that person’s protection. This may be the law that Fuddy relied upon as a legal fig leaf to cover her behind when she ordered the creation of Obama’s fake BC. As far as I know, a death certificate is not similarly authorized, BUT in HRS 28-101 (seen at ) the Attorney General is given permission to do ANYTHING he/she deems necessary to protect a potential witness in what could potentially be a case (or a mere INVESTIGATION…) with high public interest. Here’s what it says (emphasis mine):

“(a) The attorney general shall establish a statewide witness program through which the attorney general may fund or provide for the security and protection of a government witness or a potential government witness in an official proceeding or investigation where the attorney general determines that an offense such as those described in section 710-1071 (intimidating a witness), 710-1072 (tampering with a witness), or 710-1072.2 (retaliating against a witness) is likely to be committed or which involves great public interest…

“(b) In connection with the security and protection of a witness, a potential witness, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness or potential witness, the attorney general may fund or take ANY ACTION the attorney general determines to be necessary to protect such person from bodily injury, or to assure the person’s health, safety, and welfare, for as long as, in the judgment of the attorney general, such danger exists.”

Notice this covers a “potential government witness” for any kind of investigation or proceeding. This could be applied to almost any situation that the AG could imagine cropping up in the future, as long as he/she thinks the case would have high public interest.

And “any action” would cover a fake autopsy and death certificate, or anything else. The state AG would have the authority to order the Maui County Police Chief to fake an autopsy, for instance, or request the USCG to lie about what happened in a staged rescue call.

That is a LOT of leeway. The state AG has a signed blank check in that statute. And that would be David Louie – the guy who would never say for sure whether Neal Palafox was being investigated for Medicare billing fraud, when they forced Palafox to resign (while lying and saying he resigned for “personal reasons”) so they could get Fuddy as HDOH director instead, the day after Birtherreport reported that Gov. Abercrombie had told Mike Evans there wasn’t a birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii…

And of course, though the state statute probably means the STATE AG in that statute, rather than the US AG, it is interesting to note that when the Maui County Police Chief was deciding on the cause of death for Fuddy, the US Attorney General’s wife was there in Maui along with Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, demanding the chief provide lots and lots of security for them so they were constantly in his face. Michelle was staying there indefinitely, but the day that the Police Chief announced cardiac arrhythmia as the accidental cause of death, it was revealed that Michelle would be going back to DC.

At it lists some notable faked deaths.

Another list of faked deaths is at where it says:

“Daryl Pinksen said…

I thought it might be useful to provide a list of links to stories about people who tried, and ultimately failed, to fake their own deaths.(It is worth noting that those who are successful in the attempt do not make the news.)

Consider that these cases date only from the past decade or so, and represent only those that turned up in a quick Google search. If we extrapolate this rate back 400 years, the scenario does become mundane.

The point is that while faking one’s death may be sensational, it is far from extraordinary.

1. Bruce Leyte

2. Patrick McDermott (suspected, Olivia Newton-John’s husband)

3. John Stonehouse

4-6. Carl Hackett, Graham Cardwell, Thomas Osmond

7. Bennie Wint

8. Marcus Shrenk

9. Jenaro Hernandez

10. John Sung Park

11. Daniel Kinge

12. Harry Gordon

13. Bill Grothe

14. Gubraman Subramaniam

15. Sean Lovelock-Woodall (suspected)

16. Bruce Dale

17. Jason Hart

18. John Darwin

19. John Fossett (suspected, later disproved)

20. Jeremy Daniel Oakley

There are other links somebody gave me too, but I can’t find them right now. It’s been a long day and I need to go to bed. Those who want to laugh at me are going to do so no matter what I say anyway so this is really just for the benefit of anybody who cares to know some factual information instead of guffawing based on ignorance.

Means, motive, and opportunity. They were all there that day. Just a couple weeks before this crash, Mike Zullo had told Carl Gallups that they had universe-shattering evidence that was going to require a response from the feds – the feds who could appoint a Congressional investigation having the ability to override Eric Holder’s fox-guarding-the-henhouse position of sabotaging real justice. Given what we know about the NSA, it’s a really good bet that Obama’s people know what evidence Zullo and Arpaio have. They knew this was serious. And it is, people. It is VERY serious.

Serious as a heart attack.


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    Hi Butterdezillion,

    Just so your critics don’t think I’m just slavishly brownnosing you like some kind of Pod Person, I will say I have a few problems with your approach — though it’s important to add, I can’t back up my nagging sense with any detailed argument. Part of the reason for this is that your presentation over the months is such a jungle of complexity, it is dizzying for me to try to assimilate. I don’t know how you maintain this intellectual stamina you have; it’s quite amazing.

    At any rate, my few problems are not as important as the public’s right to know what their public servants are doing in important matters that concern the Body Politic — and in that context, you are doing remarkable work with your meticulous attention to detail.

    As I said, there is such a bewildering complexity to this whole issue (and all its related sub-issues) that it would be nice if someone could simplify it and map it all out. Part of the problem is that the sheer nature of the issue involves so many moving parts — and parts being moved in apparent obfuscation by our public servants — that merely by paying scrupulous attention, your reports and analyses end up being that complicated.

    As you wrote in a comment you made to a reader:

    “And the trouble with analyzing the reports is that it is detailed information and most people don’t have the patience for it.”

    Another part of the puzzle may well be intentional — the generation of a jungle of details, false leads, disinformation, etc., in order to bog down any given citizen not only from knowing in the first place, but also from pursuing the matter to try to find out. Of course, the news media are the ones supposed to be doing this job; but when they fail in their civic duty, it becomes incumbent on ordinary civilians like you Butterdezillion to “deputize” yourself. While you’re doing a great job with this, there really needs to be a “second Butterdezillion” to be your Simplifier so that those of us without the patience and ability you have can grasp the issues on a 101 “Guide to Idiots” level.


    • Posted May 21, 2014 at 1:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

      “Moving parts” means a lot of things. When we started all we had were the news reports. And they were all jumbled up. Then we had Lang’s story and images; they are false. Then the funeral images came out; I’m STILL trying to make sense out of those because the images from 3 different sources don’t seem to fit with each other. Then came the Cause of Death, which didn’t fit any of the public claims. Then we had Puentes’ video, and after finally figuring out how to slow it down, it’s got extra people in the water in the first minutes after the crash. Then I had a few FOIA responses – again, very jumbled up, and at least one of them deliberately C&P’ed to MAKE it jumbled up. Since then – after somebody in DC deliberately buried my request for 2 months and would have buried it for another 2 months except that I caught her NOT sending on my request later in the day after she told me she had, and contacted her superiors with the threat of contacting the Admiral – I received more detailed records and they are an absolute mess when compared to the public stories and the other records I’ve received so far. The argument by the Obots has been that it was “the fog of war”, but the discrepancies revealed in these records goes WAY beyond “fog of war”.

      But I can’t say what I know or reveal what I’ve got because agencies have already revealed a willingness to “fudge” the records when given the chance. There are long delays on records that were already supposedly sent to me but got – literally – “lost in the mail”. Should be a piece of cake to put that all in the mail again, but I’ve been waiting weeks for it all to be sorted out by a government lawyer. I can’t help but wonder if it is to figure out what discrepancies I’m looking at and try to get the remaining records to not only line up but to provide an acceptable reason for the discrepancies in the first place. Buying time to find out what needs to be “corrected”. Meanwhile, here lately Foggy claims that the feds are listening in on phone calls and broadcasting the transcripts to even “non-involved” entities (and how much more the government agencies who have to do cover-up!) Why do that if there’s nothing to cover up? Why do that if they’re not afraid? The claim by itself is self-defeating because it disproves the very thing it tries to prove, but that’s the circular “logic” of this regime and its sock puppets.

      Combine all that with the fact that somebody made threats to me on my blog here, to hack my computer (as well as to bankrupt my family and report lies to my church, just as he/she claimed to have reported me to Child Protective Services for supposedly saying I would kill my children) – and within weeks 2 very blatant displays of 2 computers actually being hacked were done right in front of my face. I have had critical emails stolen – including some of the emails making/clarifying FOIA requests, and including my contacts with other researchers I’ve been working with There is no secure method of communication.

      At the same time, through a couple “accidents” where people’s tails accidentally stuck out uncovered, I’ve discovered that most of the people online are NOT who they claim to be. The person who warned ABC to pixelate the videos was posing as my friend – just as the threatening poster here said he/she had done to me on Free Republic. My best friend, who had given me well-sourced information, has literally gone missing. Others who have claimed particular expertise, when asked to provide detailed analysis, have provided information with NO detailed analysis. As with other things, there is evidence I can’t disclose yet because the research isn’t totally completed, but Free Republic is badly, badly compromised – with moles and with influential people who REALLY don’t want my information to be seen by the general public.

      Recently there have been questions about Miki Booth. The question of who is genuine and who is a mole is a serious issue. At one point Miss Tickly identified me as a mole because my Nebraska birth certificate has a debossed – rather than embossed – seal, which didn’t fit her theory. It is extremely difficult to know who is lying to you and/or falsifying records to try to debunk your theory, and who is just showing you that your theory really is wrong – especially when government agencies are falsifying records and refusing to make required disclosures. The Ah Nee forgery had an apparently-authentic registrar’s seal on it but a badly-forged Onaka signature and BC# digits that overlapped. If the HDOH is going to allow their seal to be used on forgeries then we have no way of knowing that ANYTHING claiming to be from Hawaii is real. And when BC#’s are altered by the HDOH and shown to the world 2 days before Obama’s fake long-form was released, in a stunt planned between the HDOH and CNN’s Gary Tuchmann – we have no way of knowing something is TRUE, even if it is known to authentically come from the HDOH. It’s all just a game, a big pack of lies by people positioned within the government and within the internet to muddy the waters. And they’ve REALLY muddied the waters, as you mentioned in your post.

      The Obots have accused me of changing my theories when my previous theory was “totally destroyed”. They don’t seem to realize that they just described the scientific/investigative process. Anybody who is genuine will change their theory when they find information that contradicts it. I’m not saying that there is information that contradicts my theories at this point because at this point I’m still trying to figure out which evidence is real and which is photoshopped/falsified/manufactured. And I’m doing that while finding out that I can’t trust anybody who claims to have needed expertise that I don’t have, while my communications are being stolen at the will of somebody else and my computer may or may not still be hacked, and while I am receiving more intense direct threats than I’ve ever received before.

      If you’re receiving flak, you’re over the target. And by the COORDINATED flak I’ve received since taking on the Fuddy issue – as well as by the discrepancies in the records themselves, which I can’t yet reveal because government agencies have already shown they will fudge records when they think they need to, and I’ve still got records that agencies are delaying in giving me – I can say with complete confidence that I am DEFINITELY over the target. I am seeing the politics of personal destruction up close and personal, seeing its guts and how the joints move in coordinated attack, and it is UGLY. It includes people that everybody thinks they can trust; that’s what a mole is and it is very effective which is why Cass Sunstein said the government should do it and why the DOS got permission to do it on any internet place that foreigners might see, in the last NDAA. It includes silencing – either by moles or by direct or observed threats, as Breitbart was recently exposed as being silenced by – people/places who claim to be the defenders of free speech and the resistance to tyranny. Many people have exposed individual components of this ugly destructive machine, but it takes on a whole different level of significance when you see the parts working together in action – communications interception and spying, moles, agencies falsifying information, news/reporting avenues fighting/silencing their own allies out of fear of having their platform annihilated by a government that can shut them down, harass them through agencies like the IRS, sue them into bankruptcy (as Zola threatened to do to me and which is a common tactic by the Islamists and communists who have befriended Obama his whole life long), or just stink up the place so badly that nobody will listen any more, convenient deaths (like Breitbart, Hastings, etc) or convenient pretend-deaths (like the dozens of Benghazi witnesses who were given new identities to hide them from Congressional investigators), etc ad nauseum…

      That’s what we’re dealing with, along with a public which REALLY doesn’t want to believe that our country has come to this. But it has come to this. We are in literal, all-out war from a foreign enemy combatant. Right now it is the propaganda, psy-ops, and total take-over under disguise of normality phase. When that is completed the disguise of normality will fall away, probably in some kind of Reichstag Fire or perhaps in a real attack by some of the enemies of this nation that Obama has actually been allied with all along, who put him in power for precisely the destruction of the US that we see happening all around us.

      The point of the email that Judicial Watch was finally able to get (showing that the “online video” reason for the Benghazi attack was a lie created to hide Obama’s overall failure in the War on Terror) has largely been missed. By refusing to obey disclosure laws, this regime was able to stall for over 1 1/2 years. It took 1.5 years for the legal system to force this regime to obey the law. Those 1.5 years were enough time for Obama to steal an election and further infiltrate and destroy the infrastructure of this system. By breaking the law, the regime allowed its own cancer to continue to take over any remaining healthy tissue in this nation’s infrastructure, for A YEAR AND A HALF. When the cancer is always given over a year to spread and destroy, before any screening tests can even be performed – much less treatment given – the prognosis for the life/nation is BAD, BAD, BAD.

      That’s where we’re at right now. As long as the lawlessness in the system allows the truth to be hidden, there will be ever-intensifying metastization and loss of body function – but on the surface it will just appear to be confused whimpers that can be heard from time to time, over the top of general malaise and discontent in the whole body. A general feeling that something is probably wrong, but no clear and loud public warning, diagnosiing that “We’re under attack!!!” The VA scandal is a microcosm of where the entire NATION is at; we’re just shy of being dead, but we’re on a waiting list to receive the documents that will show the cancer is ready to kill us… The country will be dead before that “waiting list” comes to and actually exposes the records that clearly show the danger.

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