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About the Fuddy Hoax

Real life has kept me too busy to write much, but there are some “debunkings” of the Fuddy Hoax, so I want to highlight 12 of the more important points most people don’t know. The documentation for all of this is in a book that I co-authored with Hugo Fuegen, “The Fuddy Hoax” ( :

1. The audio file shows engine running normally up to splash-down.

2. Video shows fuel being fed to engine normally when supposedly “failed”.

3. The engine pulled from the water had dozens of CUTS which didn’t match the cuts on the fuselage from which it supposedly was pulled loose by waves.

4. The engine pulled from the water had protruding screws, instead of the recessed screws that plane had been photographed with.

(Edit: I should also add that the engine pulled from the water had been subjected to an intense fire – which could not have happened in this video with engine running normally until splashdown. The mismatched cuts to the engine (resulting in an engine with the wrong type of screws for this aircraft) and Pratt-Whitney analyzing an engine that could not have been present in this event show that the normally-running engine that was deliberately flown into the ocean was replaced by an engine previously destroyed by a fire. This was possible because the NTSB failed to secure the downed plane from tampering after the water landing.)

5. After being advised of these anomalous cuts the NTSB altered the photos to try to hide them.

6. The lifejacket the Coast Guard retrieved from Loretta Fuddy was an infant lifejacket with only one chamber inflated, which doesn’t match her adult life jacket shown in the video with both chambers inflated.

7. The US Navy lied and falsified records to hide that a submarine with SEAL Delivery Vehicle capability was deployed to the area shortly before this “accident”.

8 Military airspace was reserved in advance for this area for the precise time of this event.

9. The FAA claims that no records were kept for this event, even though an “accident file” is MANDATORY for commercial flights where there is a death, severe injury, and/or severe damage to the aircraft.

10. One passenger, who hasn’t admitted to knowledge against the official narrative, used an underwater phallus-shaped device (most likely a radio transmitter) to remain afloat – requiring advance placement of the device and training in its use.

11. After an “autopsy” lacking the mandatory videotape of it and occurring without any record of the coroner having been flown to the island where it took place, the coroner said the cause of death was drowning. Without any further testing (but a day after video was released showing she definitely didn’t die of drowning) the death certificate was completed on Jan 11, 2014 with the COD changed to cardiac arrhythmia.

12. The Molokai tower reported the “crash” location as 300 yards from shore, which would have placed it within Kalawao County jurisdiction, with the mandatory investigation to be done by the Maui County Police Dept. The Coast Guard instead used Josh Lang’s description of the location farther out to sea, to place the crash in international waters, under the jurisdiction of the FBI (3 months into James Comey’s directorship), which claims to have no file heading of  either Fuddy’s death or the “crash”, even though the Coast Guard head ordered the case to be referred to the FBI. IOW, there has been no investigation of this death by law enforcement, in spite of all these anomalies. The MCPD says they have no record of anybody requesting assistance, even though the “autopsy” was done as assistance to SOMEBODY.

Folks, this story is tied into all the Deep State actors who are currently being exposed for using the powers of their offices to conspire against Donald Trump, the man who wasn’t afraid to call out Obama’s bluff on the birth certificate. And there is strong evidence that LORETTA FUDDY committed one of the critical crimes to hide Obama’s documentation problem. The same people who seek the treason of ousting the lawful, Constitutional President Trump who questioned Obama’s constitutionality COMPLETED the treason of installing the unlawful, unConstitutional President Obama. And the key player allowing Obama’s second term – in which so many of the Deep State crimes now being exposed were committed – was LORETTA FUDDY.

There is MUCH, MUCH more to be said on these subjects. Pray with me, that the full truth comes out. When it does, I believe it will expose crimes beyond belief perpetrated by the people who swore to protect us and the US Constitution.