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The Hands Photographed Cannot be Loretta Fuddy in That Casket

UPDATE: For documentation of my hassles  with Microsoft Word (as much documentation as Microsoft will allow me to have, that is) see my post at .  Summary of that: For one session, and one session only, the rotate function was corrupted in my Word program. Word crashed that session dozens of times this morning […]

About the Fuddy Hoax

Real life has kept me too busy to write much, but there are some “debunkings” of the Fuddy Hoax, so I want to highlight 12 of the more important points most people don’t know. The documentation for all of this is in a book that I co-authored with Hugo Fuegen, “The Fuddy Hoax” ( : […]

MCPD Responses Indicate Fuddy Did Not Die

MCPD Responses Indicate Fuddy Did Not Die Summary: The MCPD claims that they didn’t collect sworn witness statements regarding the N687MA water landing (which resulted in the alleged death of Loretta Fuddy) because HRS 841-3 was not statutorily in effect. If Fuddy’s pulse stopped in the water as claimed, then HRS 841-3 would be in […]


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I am posting this for those who have wondered about my absence and especially for any autists who (1) may want to pursue the issue of Fuddy’s “death” or who (2) may be willing to use their amazing skills to help me bring to justice those who […]

Mandatory Occurrence Report

MOR__HCF-M-2013_1211-0009   This is the Mandatory Occurrence Report filed by the Investigator In Charge at the Honolulu Control Facility, reporting the Dec 11, 2013 water landing resulting in the alleged death of Hawaii Health Director, Loretta Fuddy. It was mandatory because the accident involved a commercial aircraft and there was a fatality. It was filed […]

Some More Images

Here’s another annotation for #26, simulating the body position required for the yellow oval to be the bottom of Fuddy’s shoe sole:   UPDATE: I’ve added close-ups and annotation to help unpack these images. AARGH. This format gives hardly any room. You’ll have to right-click to see the images enlarged. If you believe that the […]


I don’t have time to deal with all the side issues that have been brought up but I know if I don’t let posters have the last word I’ll be accused of censoring. So I’m just going to C&P the comments submitted (except one that was asked to be private), and let you guys talk […]


There is one poster who is Hell-bent on claiming that I have been lying and that I have been trying to humiliate and libel Fuddy, Microsoft, etc. I have made observations. I probably should not have said that Microsoft was busted because further things later showed up that suggested it might not have been Microsoft […]

I did not lie about Microsoft Word – UPDATED

Interesting time this morning. First this: New comment waiting approval on Butterdezillion’s Blog zola commented on Fuddy Would Have Easily Fit Inside a Standard CasketNo – nobody else has this problem, and neither do you. Just admit that you resized the image of Fuddy to fit your theory. As a Pastor’s wife, I am quite […]

Some Images

NOTE: My FRiend with the helpful links, I tried to email you to ask if I could put the links on the blog but the email came back as undeliverable. Please advise. If it’s OK to contact you via email let me know and use an email address that’ll connect me to you.  Otherwise you […]