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    Hi, Doug Hagmann stated that Dr. Harle could not have performed the autopsy on Fuddy because she did not fly to the Hospital that morning when it was done. How do you know she did not use a different means of travel? Did someone ask her if she was there? did she do the autopsy? are you making this statement only relying on business travel records?
    Did she sign it? if she did sign it but did not do it, what offense is that? Criminal?
    You state that Michelle Obama, Holder’s wife and valerie Jarrett were with the Police Chief prior to him releasing cause of Fuddys death as Iregular heart beat. How do you know they were there? Did anyone question the Chief about this? seems plausible but very strange.

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      Regardless of what means were used to travel from the island of Maui to the island of Molokai, the county responsible for the autopsy (Maui) was responsible to pay that expense, and Dr. Harle’s company had a form with a specific place for those kinds of expenses to be billed. There were no travel expenses charged for the entire month of December. Normally the bodies would be flown to Maui where the autopsy would be done. (Law enforcement autopsies have to be done by a forensic pathologist according to HI statute, and Dr. Harle is the only listed forensic pathologist in Maui County.) There was no reason for Ms Fuddy’s body (if there was one) to not also be flown to Maui; in fact, the helo she was transported to Molokai in was headed to Maui anyway because that’s where the Medevac came from.

      I based my statements on 3 anomalies: no travel expenses charged for the entire month, the earliest flight to Molokai not getting there in time for a 7am autopsy, and the description of what she was wearing leaving out the socks and shoes – and as it turns out, also at least one and possibly 2 bracelets as well.

      The autopsy was signed electronically so we have no idea who signed it. Someone I conversed with who has helped stage deaths when operatives needed to be “extracted” said faking autopsies is easy because you can slip the fake report in the pile for the clerk who will type it up and nobody is any the wiser. Who knows if Dr. Harle even knows this autopsy report exists.

      If she did sign it but didn’t do the actual autopsy, it depends on the reason why she did that. Normally that would be billing fraud at the very least. But if HI AG David Louie (the same guy who hinted that Fuddy’s predecessor who wasn’t keeping quiet about being forced to resign, Dr. Neal Palafox, MIGHT be under investigation for billing fraud…) told Dr Harle to fake an autopsy in order to protect a potential state witness, HI statute gives him a signed blank check to do ANYTHING. The HI AG could also tell the police and fire departments to butcher records, refuse to disclose records, “lose” records in the mail (supposedly) – whatever (all of which I have experienced). And he could tell the OIP to lie about the requirements for appeals (which one OIP attorney has done), lie about when certain attorneys are in the office (which they have done), and after obfuscating for 3 months and reaching the point where the agency has conceded that the records are required disclosures all of a sudden say the OIP Director has different “priorities” and so they can’t spend any more time on the appeal – AND WON’T HAVE TIME FOR A WHOLE YEAR to simply tell the agency to cough up the required disclosure (which the OIP did to me just today). Several of these things would be criminal IF THE HI AG DIDN’T ORDER THEM TO DO THESE THINGS. But HI statute gives him a signed blank check to do whatever he wants as long as – in his sole opinion – it is needed to protect a potential state witness for any kind of investigation that the public might be interested in.

      And this is the guy who made sure Palafox didn’t squawk too loudly about how and why he was asked to resign so that Fuddy could be put into the office – she who (IMHO, based on the evidence) then immediately proceeded to alter BC#’s, hide original records from everybody who requested them – against the law – in order to cover up why Obama wouldn’t just release his long-form right away, force workers to forge faked vital records, etc. HI AG David Louie can lawfully do as he darn well pleases – including ordering people to do what otherwise would be criminal – as long as he claims to be “protecting” Fuddy.

      I don’t know if Michelle, Holder’s wife, and Valerie Jarrett were physically with the Maui Police Chief, but I do know from news reports that they were all there at Oprah’s place on Maui after Barack and the kids had gone back to DC, and there were news reports about the residents of Maui wanting Michelle to leave because there were so many cop cars blocking things up, because the MCPD was helping to provide security for Michelle. The day that the MCPD announced cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of death it was reported that Michelle Obama (whose stay had been indefinite the whole time, with nobody knowing when she was going back to DC) would be going back to DC in 2 days.

      The trouble with trying to ask any witnesses about any of this stuff is that AG Louie could tell them all to lie and they would have to do it. (Perhaps he would have to get a court to issue a gag order, and the person would risk jail for contempt; I’m not sure exactly how that works.) But if I’m understanding that signed blank check correctly, the ONLY way to catch what is going on in such a case is by catching them in their own lies.

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    Hi Butter,
    I want to thank you for the reply and trying to clear up some points. I have emailed you before and you were kind to reply last time also.
    Please understand I am only trying to understand the sequence of events around the autopsy, and the results of the same. I enjoyed listening to your responses to questions on Hagmann, and here but I am still not understanding some parts of those answers that you provided.
    I see that the AG Louie was appointed to a 4 year term in 2011 by Abercrombie, do he has some time remaining in his watch. I also see that he is a Occidental graduate for his undergrad prior to law school.
    I read your response that the Hi law allows him a blank check with no restrictions concerning the placement of someone in a WPP. Is it your understanding that this state law includes lying, falsifying documents and requiring others to do the same at his directive even if that action is in violation of criminal conduct? I find that hard to believe that a law would be written as such. You obviously interpret that law this way. Did you receive a legal opinion on the interpretation of the state statute in this regard?
    I tend to agree that Fuddy is not dead and likely was placed in such a program with her family know this full well. The Hi statute re witness protection placement must require a over compelling reason to protect the witness from harm rather than protect the non innocent. In this case, the president. How can a law work to protect those that are complicit in a grevious wrong doing, and who deserve no protection ie: criminals? Shades of The federal AG?
    You state that the county of Maui was responsible to pay for the expenses related to the autopsy, and that Dr. Harle never submitted an expense report for anything related to the autopsy. From that I can assume she never did the autopsy. You stated that she might not even know of any autopsy report. I find that hard to believe, since you stated she was the only coroner on Maui and this was such a hi profile event. Do we know IF an autopsy was done? You stated the autopsy report signature was computer generated. How is that done? Is there a signature of anyone? Someone must have put those words on the autopsy report! Can we determine who that person was? Even if computer generated, someone had to type the keys on a PC.
    I read that Michele, Jarrett and Holders wife were in Hi at that time, and as you stated likely visiting Oprah on Maui. I read that the Police chief of Maui has resigned and has accepted a fed position in Hi with a desk job involved in drug enforcement. A 30 year veteran in law enforcement.
    Has anyone asked the personnel in the Helo that transported Fuddy, was she dead or critical at that time? Is that info part of the record?
    I did not understand the yellow shoes and socks missing issue as well as fuddy being placed in a body bag. Can you explain that.
    I have some other questions for later. Thank you for your kind and timely response again. Sincerely

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      I’ll respond in several different replies.

      In response to the questions about the legal leeway allowed to the HI AG, I’ll post what I said in an earlier post, which quotes the actual statute. I am trying to interpret this on my own and I am not a lawyer, so if there are lawyers who have information about how this has been interpreted in the past, or any other helpful information, I would appreciate some legal expertise. Here’s what I had said earlier, which is the statute and what it seems to me that it says:

      HRS 338-17.7 is where the HDOH (under the control of the Director) is authorized to give a new, totally fake BC for somebody with a Hawaii BC if law enforcement says a BC with different claims is necessary for that person’s protection. This may be the law that Fuddy relied upon as a legal fig leaf to cover her behind when she ordered the creation of Obama’s fake BC. As far as I know, a death certificate is not similarly authorized, BUT in HRS 28-101 (seen at http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol01_Ch0001-0042F/HRS0028/HRS_0028-0101.htm ) the Attorney General is given permission to do ANYTHING he/she deems necessary to protect a potential witness in what could potentially be a case (or a mere INVESTIGATION…) with high public interest. Here’s what it says (emphasis mine):

      “(a) The attorney general shall establish a statewide witness program through which the attorney general may fund or provide for the security and protection of a government witness or a potential government witness in an official proceeding or investigation where the attorney general determines that an offense such as those described in section 710-1071 (intimidating a witness), 710-1072 (tampering with a witness), or 710-1072.2 (retaliating against a witness) is likely to be committed or which involves great public interest…

      “(b) In connection with the security and protection of a witness, a potential witness, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness or potential witness, the attorney general may fund or take ANY ACTION the attorney general determines to be necessary to protect such person from bodily injury, or to assure the person’s health, safety, and welfare, for as long as, in the judgment of the attorney general, such danger exists.”

      Notice this covers a “potential government witness” for any kind of investigation or proceeding. This could be applied to almost any situation that the AG could imagine cropping up in the future, as long as he/she thinks the case would have high public interest.

      And “any action” would cover a fake autopsy and death certificate, or anything else. The state AG would have the authority to order the Maui County Police Chief to fake an autopsy, for instance, or request the USCG to lie about what happened in a staged rescue call.

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      Interesting information you’ve brought forward. Thank you!

      I did not know that David Louie was an Occidental graduate. I wonder if his time there overlaps Obama’s…

      I also didn’t realize he was appointed in 2011. Must have been very early in 2011 because he was the guy in charge when the Palafox resignation came out…

      I also didn’t know that the Maui Police Chief had resigned and received a federal job. Quid pro quo? I wonder about the timing of that too…

      I’m supposed to be working on homeschooling plans right now so I’d better make progress on that before I do any major digging, but people like you doing whatever digging they can is exactly what we need. Maybe somebody can look up the timing and/or other potential connections on all three of those interesting points you brought up. =)

      The company that Dr. Harle works for did submit a bill for what Harle supposedly did – a pronouncement of death on Dec 11th and an autopsy on Dec 13th, as well as a drug screen supposedly for Fuddy. But nothing was on that invoice in the columns for court prep work, mileage for travel, parking, or “other”. Transportation to and from Molokai would go under “other”.

      Yes, I agree that it’s unlikely for Dr. Harle not to know an autopsy report was submitted under her name. It was in the national news, after all. I’m not sure how an electronic signature works for that office, but I would presume that anybody who knew a password would be able to “sign” the record – sort of like how we electronically “signed” the FAFSA for our son, who had no idea what to do and just had us do it.

      From what I understand – and hopefully someone will correct me if I’m mistaken – the forensic examiner dictates into a recorder as she conducts the autopsy/forensic examination. From that she writes or types up the observations and findings. Then a secretary puts that information into the official form and it is signed by the examiner (in this case electronically). So the person who typed up what we see is probably a secretary. Someone who was involved in faking deaths for intelligence operatives who needed to be “extracted” in order to keep the operation safe… has said the easiest way to fake an autopsy is simply to write up a fake report and put it in the secretary’s pile of autopsy reports to type up. I would presume that the invoices are created based on the records submitted by the doctors/examiners. If the secretary gets a report saying that Dr. Harle did an autopsy on Loretta Fuddy, then that is typed up and that autopsy charge is added to the bill to be submitted to the MCPD.

      So in answer to your question, no we really can’t find out who typed out the report, without finding out who the secretary is – which that private corporation may or may not disclose. But the person who typed it out isn’t as important as who submitted the findings to be typed up in the official autopsy report. Anybody could have slipped a fake report into the secretary’s pile, like this guy says is the usual way of faking an autopsy.

      When the undertaker from Molokai General Hospital arrived at the airport in Molokai to transport the body to the hospital morgue after the body was identified by family at the airport, he put the body – clothes and all – into a body bag for transport. The bag is tagged and sealed up, and it’s the way of showing that the body was not tampered with in any way. When the forensic examiner does the autopsy report, he/she is supposed to observe and document every item of clothing, jewelry, etc that is on the body. In the Fuddy autopsy report, her shirt, sweater, pants, underwear, and bra are listed. But no shoes or socks are mentioned, and no jewelry is mentioned. In the photo that was taken before Fuddy boarded the plane, you couldn’t see any socks and shoes, but you can see at least one and maybe 2 bracelets on her right arm. It also appears that she had a glasses strap and/or earrings. Either she came out of the water with her socks and shoes, one or two bracelets, and glasses strap and/or earrings off of her, or somebody took those things off of her during the “rescue”, or the person who wrote the autopsy report didn’t know or bother researching those details. The socks and shoes are particularly interesting because some people said the yellow and shiny black that appeared in the water close to what we presume is Fuddy’s lifejacket was not a diver, it was very clearly Fuddy’s black pants and the yellowish sole of her shoes, and she is thrashing wildly in the water because she is panicking. Yet somehow though those socks and shoes stayed on Fuddy while she was wildly thrashing in the violent ocean, they somehow came off while she was bobbing around in the water, dead. Those who say the black and yellow was the wildly thrashing pants and shoes of Fuddy will have a difficult time explaining why the examiner didn’t mention any socks and shoes…

      The USCG wouldn’t disclose the personnel on board their aircraft, and EMT’s are not allowed to disclose records pertaining to the health of the people they rescue. The story given to the media by rescue swimmers PJ Ornott and Mark Peer was that she was dead in the water and lifted into helo #2. The official USCG case report says that at 5:17 there were 7 people on land and 2 people on USCG helos- one in critical condition. But at 5:15 USCG helo#2 had departed to take 2 people to Honolulu. At 5:21 it was said there was one dead. If Fuddy was the person in critical condition, then she had to be on USCG helo #1 at that time, or else she would have been en route to Honolulu. So the story would have her picked up dead in helo #2 and then moved to helo #1 where she was said to be in critical condition first and then died. She was not officially pronounced dead until ashe was at the airport in Molokai and Dr Harle – in Maui – pronounced her dead around 6pm (I’d have to look up the exact time). This is after she was moved out of USCG helo #1, taken by ambulance to a “care center” to have “provisional last rites”, loaded onto the Maui Medevac helo, and flown to the airport in Molokai. So what really happened, none of us can know. As far as I know, nobody has asked Mark Peer or PJ Ornott whether she was in critical condition once she was aboard the USCG helo.

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      Tom, you went and piqued my interest and now since I can’t sleep I may as well dig. (I know, I’m rationalizing….)

      At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_M._Louie it says his father was a Seattle native (wonder what school he attended. He was a Presbyterian pastor; he and his wife were both Chinese immigrants, it seems). David graduated from Occidental College with a bachelor of arts degree in 1973. That’s 6 years before Obama was there, and within those 6 years (in 1976) John Drew started the communist DSSA group (see http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2013/03/obama-classmate-at-occidental-college.html ) which he said he thought Obama led during Obama’s 2nd year at Occidental. Here’s an exchange in that interview of Dr. John Drew:

      Q: Now, was Occidental known for radical left politics? Would that have been an attraction for Obama?

      A: Yeah, I’m certain that it was. It was considered sort of the “Moscow” of southern California. There were a lot of Marxist professors, many of whom I got to know pretty well, not just there but also at Williams College in Massachusetts. Two of the same Marxist-Socialist professors were on the staff with me at Williams.

      Maybe that was an attraction for David Louie’s parents to send him to Occidental too…

      The Wikipedia article on David Louie says:

      “Also in 1999, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Supreme Court Special Committee on Judicial Performance and at the time of appointment to the attorney general’s office, served as its vice chairman.[1] Louis served as Lawyer Representative for the United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit from 2005 to 2008 and from 2008 to 2010, he served as Northwest Regional Governor for the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.[5]

      Louie was appointed on December 19, 2010 by Democrat Governor Neil Abercrombie as Attorney General of Hawaii.[3]”

      Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals during the first challenges to Obama’s eligibility…

      I’d like to see what the HI Supreme Court Special Committee on Judicial Performance does. Sounds like Louie being the vice-chair of the Bd of Directors for that group could have given him clout to keep the judiciary acting in line in case there were any OIP appeals, etc.

      Appointed as AG on Dec 19th, just a couple days before Abercrombie gave interviews to NY Times, LA Times, and CNN, saying he was going to show Obama’s long-form birth certificate…

      Interesting background.

      • Tom
        Posted July 17, 2014 at 8:48 am | Permalink

        Hi again Butter, I understand the issue of not being able to sleep at times! Good to hear from you again. Louie’s father was from a Chinese immigrant family. Eleven children in the family. The father was a baptist minister and graduated from linfield college in Oregon and later a MS from Harvard. He worked as a community worker that pushed Chinese people to study and work hard in school and take that back to China to make China better. He died several years ago and in the early 1965 era he along with 2 others founded the Chinese Historical Society in southern California. In the 1965 era in California there was a big push to recruit minority students and professors under Affirmative action programs, and I’m sure Paul Louie was aware of that big push. Likely influenced his move to put AG Louie in occidental. Same way Obama likely got into Occidental. There was a man from occidental, a school recruiter that helped get Obama into occidental. He said with obamas record of HS education at that hi end school in Hawaii he would have no problem getting in to occidental…. Likely at the exclusion of others equally or more qualified. This tells you who was running California then and now. Good ole Abercrombie! It’s interesting Louie apparently moved to Hawaii, I wonder who might have influenced that. I hope you continue with these important efforts! Strangely, I sent both and this email using my iPhone and today it turned off a couple of times by itself, and would not let me use google as a search engine…. Please keep in touch as I will on the Fuddy autopsy issue as well as the others surrounding these strange times and events! Best

        Sent from my iPhone

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      The Maui Police Chief who acted as coroner for Maui County during Fuddy’s supposed autopsy, Gary Yabuta, announced his resignation to have a different job on May 16th, basically two days after I posted at http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/3155169/posts?page=240#240 information (which I later copied in a post here) about the HI AG having free latitude to do whatever he thinks is necessary to protect a POTENTIAL state witness.

      This was also while the MCPD was refusing to send me electronic copies of the autopsy investigative records, sworn witness statements, disposition of the body, etc that I had requested – without giving any valid reason. Because the records they were going to disclose were paper, they were supposedly sent by snail-mail (with no proof that anything was ever sent) and were supposedly “lost” in the mail. Ever since then they’ve been trying to keep me in administrative limbo – won’t re-send anything either via snail mail or electronically, wouldn’t let me appeal, etc.

      On May 3rd an attorney for Maui County said she would ask the police department if there were sworn witness statements as mandated by HI statute, to fulfill part of my request… And on May 15th the OIP contacted the MCPD to say they needed to try to justify not disclosing the records showing itemized expenses for Fuddy’s autopsy and forensic examination.

      REALLY interesting that in the very thick of that, the Maui Police Chief resigned.

      It almost seems as if he might have known there was trouble coming down the pipeline.

      Or maybe it’s all just coincidence. I can’t prove it either way. All I can do is observe and call it interesting.

      Thank you for pointing out his resignation, Tom. I’ve been so absorbed in what I’ve been working on that I’m sure I’ve missed other important information like this.

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    Hi Butter,
    Just a short note to you about Sheriff Joe and his investigation related to the “birth certificate”.
    You likely don’t know the answer to this question but I’m going to ask anyway. Is Zullo and Sheriff Joe really doing a credible investigation, and will they ever release any info? I think at times that Joe is using the threat of release to keep Holder at bay until his election for Sheriff again. It seems very strange when I hear nothing from them, and even Corsi has distanced himself from this OR they have distanced themselves from them. Your thoughts on this. Thanks Tom

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      Their investigation is VERY credible, and they will be releasing information. That’s about all I can say.

  4. Posted July 18, 2014 at 2:10 am | Permalink | Reply

    Sorry I’m not buying that. Cui Bono?

    • Posted July 18, 2014 at 2:41 am | Permalink | Reply

      I don’t understand your answer. You asked a question and I answered it truthfully. If you choose not to believe it, that’s your prerogative. You will see.

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    I see that you did not understand my response to your answer. I have followed Sheriff Joe and this investigation with fervor. I feel he has a great responsibility to at least provide some direction to the citizens of this country based on this investigation. Yeah, I’ve heard the argument that would tip his hand to the opposition.
    His failure to complete and announce the results of any investigation would be a great disservice to this country especially now. After Obama’s term it will mean very little except royalties and a book. I hope you are correct regarding his timely release. I find that most believable people do not find credence in his efforts…sad to say.
    As with your efforts, I applaude you and support the work because I see some visible credibility to those efforts. In the absence of that it is difficult for people, if not impossible to sustain that belief.
    As for Sheriff Joe, I support his work fully and I pray to God he has factual data that will be released soon. Our country is full of people that are self centered and motivated by self serving principles. I hope he is not one of those. Unfortunately, there are many. As you said time will tell.

    • Posted July 18, 2014 at 3:32 am | Permalink | Reply

      The first part of your prayer has already been answered with “yes” – and eventually you will know how much that really was the work of God – and the second part is in the process of being answered with “yes” also. I do know what I’m talking about on this, I am telling the truth, and I don’t want to say more than I should.

      I’m interested to know more about who the “most believable people” are who don’t find his efforts credible. The regime has a very effective system of moles and trolls. I know the cynicism of people who have been waiting a long time and I understand it. The reasons will become clear though – as will the hand of God in all this.

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    I was not questioning your veracity. You stated that you know what you are talking about on this, that you are telling the truth, and you don’t want to “say more than I should”. Frankly, I find that last statement very confusing. It almost sounds like what the “regime” says at times. Faith in God is different than faith in people. That is how America got in this position by believing in man.
    Yes there are likely many regime agents here. I am not one of those.
    The most believable people I was referring to are my contemporaries that I work with and socialize with. They are sincere attorneys and other professionals that are looking for an answer but scoff at this.
    Anyway, I hope you are right on a timely release from Sheriff Joe. Maybe you are in the inner circle on this. Time will tell… There is another Latin expression to remember, “tempus fugit”. Take care!

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