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  1. Dr. Ron Polland
    Posted December 10, 2012 at 8:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    It is not at all obvious that a birth certificate was even one of the vital records that Fukino mentioned and TerriK did not specifically reference Obama’s birth certificate. Janice Okubo did. She is the one who surmised that this was from a known Birther and therefore her UIPA must be related to Obama’s birth certificate. Why didn’t TerriK make the request to Director Fukino instead of Okubo?

    “Vital records” could refer to both the long and short form birth certificates – even though there is no logical reason to look at the COLB if the long-form is available.

    However, since there are more than one original birth certificates issued by Hawaii, there may be both a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth and a Certificate of Live Birth on file. If that was the case, then both are vital records necessary to be inspected for consistency.

    There are additional documentary evidence on file, such as a statement of paternity – that is what TeriK also calls a “vital record,” and it would not be an amendment. But it would be vital to Fukino’s statement of the birth registrant’s name.

    TerriK did not ask if Obama’s birth certificate was amended, as that was a guess to both the existence of a birth certificate and an amendment. Sorry, but the “public” did NOT know what was the nature of the “original birth certificate” that was cited in October 2008. People guessed it was a long-form hospital issued birth certificate or a Kenyan certificate.

    It may not have been a long-form birth certificate issued by a Hawaiian hospital because Fukino never said that – not in October 2008 or July 2009. It could have been his Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.

    Obama could have replaced his Certificate of Hawaiian Birth with a Certificate of Live Birth, in which case, there would be two different original birth certificates with no amendments. He could also have requested a new original birth certificate be made after being adopted by Soetoro, and then, being the child of divorce. After the divorce, he would request another birth certificate to be made with information from the the first one on the grounds that no parent-child relationship exists between himself and Soetoro.

    Also, there could have been his original birth certificate along with a copy of his parents’ marriage certificate to prove that his last name should be not be the same as his unmarried mother’s – which is what would happen if he was illegitimate.

    Fukino never said in her press releases that she actually saw Obama’s physical birth certificate when she was Health Director. She only “verified” that they were on record with the HDOH. The record is no guarantee that all his birth documents were still there.

    Nevertheless, I claimed in September 2008 that Obama amended his birth certificate and that is why everything below the first fold was redone – to hide the typewritten line that stated the nature of the amendment. A consequence of that cover-up was a real cover-up of the bottom fold and explained why the COLB only had a top fold.

    Now, about the COLB seals, they used two differently sized seals concurrently in 2006-2007. A 2″ seal for COLB’s obtained at the main office and a 1.5″ seal for all COLBs folded and mailed. The seal that appears on ALL COLBs is Onaka’s Seal – the State Registrar’s Seal regardless of size. The smaller 1.5″ seal was introduced around 2004-2005 as it was a metal die that fit with the date stamp and Registrar’s signature block in the Electronic Validator that applied all three certification elements simultaneously to the back side of the COLB.

    Factcheck’s seal was the right size, 1.5″ seal, but it was not a legitimate seal. It was an electronically-etched knockoff or a discarded real Seal that was defective. The Seals were manually applied and much deeper than the real Seals. The photos taken were also not normal, either, having been shot with a hacked Canon A570IS.

    The two seals that appear on certified long-form copies are the 1.5″ State Registrar Seal (on the original 5″ x 6″ certificate) and the 2 1/2 Health Director’s Seal (on the 8 1/2″ x 11″ back sheet under the original certificate).

    Only the design on the Director’s seal matches the “Official Department Seal.”

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