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The Latest Accusations

It’s a monster week for me so I’ll just briefly address the latest situation with Miss Tickly. At Miss Tickly accuses me and others of being Obot frauds because we claimed to have legitimate certified copies of vital records that have debossed seals.

Miss Tickly and I have been friendly and helped each other research so my initial reaction last night was sadness, as was her reaction to the answers she believed proved me a fraud. She had contacted the Nebraska Dept of Health & Human Services and been told that they issue vital records with embossed – not debossed – seals. I could have told her that, because I received a birth certificate last August that had an embossed seal. But I also received vital records in 1993 and in 2005 that had debossed seals. I’ve posted photos of all those records on my blog today. I sent an e-mail to the DHHS today to ask whether their seal has changed from 1993 to 2011 and how I can prove that the certificates I received are legally certified.

The laws and rules in Hawaii say that certificates must be certified with a raised or embossed seal. Miss Tickly is an artist; to her, embossed is totally different than debossed. I always thought the big deal was just that the seal have 3-D relief to it. Is the legal definition for “raised” or “embossed” the same as the artistic definition? As far as I know the terms “raised” and “embossed” are not defined legally in either the statutes or rules, but whatever those terms mean legally, that is how we should be able to know whether a certificate is genuine rather than a forgery. Miss Tickly believes that the HDOH has affirmed the artistic definition, but as far as I know no legal authority has specifically said one way or another.

The statutes and rules also say that certificates need to display the OFFICAL seal of the HDOH, and though the Director of Health is given permission to reproduce the seal in different sizes on products that the HDOH uses, the OFFICIAL seal is specifically defined in the statute as being 2 ¼ inch in diameter. Can the “official seal” required to be displayed on a certificate be simply a different-sized reproduction of the official seal, or does it have to meet the definition for the legal seal – actually BE the official seal? Again, no legal authority has said one way or another.

So Miss Tickly and I have the same problem: we are looking to the statutes and rules to tell us how to tell the difference between a forged seal and an authentic one. Now that Miss Tickly has actually accused me online of committing a crime I should have standing to get some answers from both the Nebraska DHSS and from Nebraska’s attorney general regarding the legal significance of both the embossment v debossment issue and the size of the seal – although the statutes and rules in Nebraska are sure to be different than in Hawaii.

All along the courts have acted as if the shenanigans with Obama’s eligibility and documents cause no particularized injury to any one of us. But when you read Miss Tickly’s post and see that all the other eligibility researchers are being accused of crimes, you see that we ARE being harmed in very real ways. I’ve just been called a liar and a criminal. I don’t take it personally because I’m in the same boat as Miss Tickly: I have no way of knowing whether any of the other researchers are genuine or taking me for a ride. Miss Tickly’s post just shows the problem we have all faced – and that is that where there is lawlessness there is nobody we can really trust. These games that Obama has played are an assault on all of us, to keep us from being able to trust anybody and thus work together for the rule of law. Divided we fall. That’s what the refusal to give answers has done to us, and Miss Tickly is rightly disgusted with that – as I think we all are.

Though it hurt at first, making the public accusation against me is probably the best thing Miss Tickly could have done, because it means that I now have my own good name and reputation on the line – which is a legal reason for demanding answers. I’m not afraid to demand them because I know the documents I received are genuine. So hopefully now we can get some legal answers about how to recognize a genuine seal.

Even if we find out that either the embossment or size of the seal matters legally, there is another problem we face which makes this analysis a dead-end: Hawaii has broken its laws and rules in so many ways that even if we can show that the seal doesn’t obey the laws and rules, it still doesn’t prove that somebody besides the HDOH forged the deficiently-certified documents. I’ve spoken with a law enforcement official who said that as long as the HDOH certified all their records in a deficient way, a deficient certification doesn’t prove that any individual document is a forgery. Before we can prove a forgery based on a deficient certification we have to show that the HDOH routinely certified their records correctly and this or that individual record was anomalous and thus a forgery.

The only way to know whether the HDOH certified all their records in a deficient way is by finding out whether the deficiently-certified records are actually from the HDOH, or are forgeries. As long as the HDOH breaks the rules just as easily and often as they actually keep the rules – and as long as they refuse to document their procedures or to answer direct questions – there is no way to prove which copies are illegally-certified by the HDOH and which are forgeries.

In effect, because of the lawlessness of the HDOH we have no way of knowing what a genuine birth certificate even looks like. Which is the same as not even HAVING certified records, since nobody can tell a certified record from a fraud. The HDOH has introduced chaos as a way of life and by doing so they’ve destroyed any accountability that the law was supposed to have built into the system. They can certify documents however they want, they can refuse whatever documents they want, they can number documents however they want, they can destroy whatever documents they want…. Their lawlessness has sabotaged any semblance of accountability, the rule of law, and security for the people.

I believe the only way we are ever going to find out what genuine records exist for Obama, Virginia Sunahara, Stig Waidelich, Ah Nee, etc is by a criminal investigation which results in depositions, cross-examination, subpoena of supporting corroboration, and polygraph testing of many, many involved people as well as analysis of the computer transaction logs and complete vital records history for ALL of these people’s records, the original paper records including original indices, etc, and the microfilm copies from 1961 and random years.

The political establishment and media view this whole issue as having no casualties. But just like the Fast & Furious crimes had real casualties, so do these crimes. And if the politicians won’t file charges, maybe it’s time for civilians who HAVE suffered particularized damage to reputation, security, jobs, etc to do like Agent Brian Terry’s family did and step up to fill in the gap for the sake of justice.

I Am Not a Forger

Posting this from my daughter’s computer since mine won’t let me do anything with it. I will explain more later; just documenting that I did not have time to forge anything.

Editing to add another file of images.

I Am Not a Forger 2

I Am Not a Forger