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About Ukraine

I’ve got a terrible cold so I’m going to throw this out there and ask people to check my work. With 8chan down, there’s some good research going on in the Q thread at freerepublic, so if somebody could post this there for me, those posters will check it all out.  Here’s the link:;page=601 (Sorry, I can’t find any icon for adding a live link)


Update/Note: These sources refer to Kolomoisky as owning Burisma, whereas the media reports that it is owned by a Mykola Zlochevsky. At it says ” “The Privat Group is the immediate owner. This company was founded by Mykola Zlochevsky some time ago, but he later sold his shares to the Privat Group.” The Privat Group (bank) is owned by Kolomoisky, received the loans from the IMF with loan guarantees by the US taxpayer, and engaged in the ponzi scheme. From that lengthy article, it is apparent that the Ukrainian oligarchs are slippery and possessive. Just wanted to explain the discrepancy between other reports you’ll see and these ones.

John Solomon (at has documents from Shokin, the  prosecutor who was fired, among other things, and one of the big issues was Shokin’s adherence to the rule of law – regarding the Obama regime’s illegal attempts to keep Dmitry Firtash from returning to Ukraine to present his plan for modernizing the Ukraine economy. The Obama regime insisted that Firtash was a criminal but would never produce any evidence of that. To scare Firtash from returning, photos of Kolomoisky’s Azov Battalion were posted online, suggesting Firtash would be killed if he showed up. There’s probably more to the story, but it seems like the Obama regime used lies, money, and political pressure to try to protect “their guy” (the one doing the ponzi scheme) from the competition of other oligarchs.


I’ve been reading up on the Ukraine thing and I think everybody is missing the boat as to why this is a big deal right now. The oligarch who owns the company Hunter Biden worked for was involved in a ponzi scheme through his bank. He loaned money to non-existent “companies” which then laundered the money throughout the world, including in the US through NH-based entities (isn’t that where the Bidens are from?) And then the bank files suit when they don’t get paid back for the loan. AND THE US TAXPAYER PAYS THE BANK. That’s what these billions of dollars in loan insurance were, that Biden was pledged with dispensing and threatened to withhold if the investigator looking into the Ponzi scheme was not fired.

This was a US_funded ponzi scheme to create a slush fund for political allies outside the US, who then OWED political favors, like donating to the Clinton Foundation, leaking claims of Paul Manafort being paid by Russia, hiding Clinton’s server on Crowdstrike’s Ukrainian servers. All those things were asked of Ukraine by the DNC. The whole Russian collusion hoax was the baby of Ukrainian allies of the DNC – allies who were bought through US tax dollars in the form of loan insurance for these crooked Ukrainian oligarchs’ banks. Yes, Hunter Biden was the beneficiary of nepotism but in getting rid of the prosecutor Joe Biden was covering HIS OWN BUTT, and the butts of the whole stinking cabal, because this whole story would expose the deep state techniques to use their positions and taxpayer dollars to get slush money and worldwide political favors. One of which was a coup against Donald Trump.

John Solomon said on Hannity last night that he has a boatload of evidence from official sources, saying that the prosecutor Biden wanted fired was fired because of Biden’s threat, not because he was corrupt. Biden wanted him gone because he was NOT corrupt. Once the honest prosecutor was gone, a Biden-appointed prosecutor dropped the investigation of the Ponzi scheme.

But the new prosecutor appointed when the new president was elected told Solomon that he was immediately approached by Yovanovitch, the Obama-appointed, Biden-nominated US ambassador to Ukraine, with a list of people he was not allowed to prosecute. When he instead gathered evidence of not only the Ponzi scheme using US tax dollars but also of the DNC’s cash-in on political favors to oust Trump, the US State Dept cut off funding and withheld passports needed to transfer Ukraine’s evidence of US crimes to US prosecutors. This is who Trump referred to in his July call with the president as bad news, and Trump’s focus was on the bad people from both Ukraine and the US.

So what we have is evidence of the deep state’s collusion to bilk the US taxpayers for political slush funds while obstructing justice for the perpetrators (this is where the “teflon coating” comes from) and the DNC’s collusion with these “corruption-bought” allies, to commit the treason of asking for foreign interference in the election, staging a coup against Trump. The CIA is most likely implicated also because within a month of Trump’s inauguration the CIA dude who was Mitt Romney’s advisor was appointed to replace Hunter Biden on the board of directors of the Cyprus-based Ukrainian natural gas company owned by Kolomoiski. (The Cyprus companies were where the laundering from these ponzi “loans” was done. Now we find out also that the “whistleblower” who offered up hearsay to Adam Schiff was a CIA guy.

This Kolomoisky also hires his own “rightwing” (Nazi) military, which helps him to acquire assets. They allegedly storm the asset that he wants and take it over. The Ukrainian oligarch billionaire arms dealer who supplies that military (Igor Pasternak) is a sugar daddy for Adam Schiff, holding $2500/plate dinners to support Schiff.

It’s one great big slush fund, funded by the US taxpayer and enabled by CIA and deep state running cover to get rid of genuine investigations. And all that was caught just in that one instance of Biden bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations – which Trump noted Biden must have thought was a “friendly audience” (i.e. in on it). Lot of bigwig democrats on the CFR; why no outrage at Biden’s blatant admission of quid pro quo?

This story, right here, in a nutshell confirms what Q has been saying. If the truth were ever let out it would start the exposure in a big way. The “whistleblower” had to get out ahead of it all and make it about Hunter Biden and politics, instead of what it REALLY is about: the deep state and its criminal actors committing treason and obstructing justice to keep the US under their control.

Some links copied from my clipboard, that will help substantiate my theory. Please check them out and make sure I’m not misunderstanding anything:

The money laundering scheme:

More on money laundering details and on Kolomoisky’s military:

The do-not-prosecute list immediately given to the new prosecutor:

Adam Schiff’s ties to Kolomoisky through the arms dealer:


The Q thread alrady has a bunch of stuff about the DNC’s paid operative, Chalupa, going to Ukraine for the leak on Manafort and, I think, the info that the Biden-approved prosecutor (pulled out by the MSM to deny the truth) was actually working for Fusion GPS to try to dig up dirt on Trump. AND is being investigated for Russian payments that allowed him to buy a house he shouldn’t be able to afford.

We really need to turn the focus onto the bigger picture here.


About the Fuddy Hoax

Real life has kept me too busy to write much, but there are some “debunkings” of the Fuddy Hoax, so I want to highlight 12 of the more important points most people don’t know. The documentation for all of this is in a book that I co-authored with Hugo Fuegen, “The Fuddy Hoax” ( :

1. The audio file shows engine running normally up to splash-down.

2. Video shows fuel being fed to engine normally when supposedly “failed”.

3. The engine pulled from the water had dozens of CUTS which didn’t match the cuts on the fuselage from which it supposedly was pulled loose by waves.

4. The engine pulled from the water had protruding screws, instead of the recessed screws that plane had been photographed with.

(Edit: I should also add that the engine pulled from the water had been subjected to an intense fire – which could not have happened in this video with engine running normally until splashdown. The mismatched cuts to the engine (resulting in an engine with the wrong type of screws for this aircraft) and Pratt-Whitney analyzing an engine that could not have been present in this event show that the normally-running engine that was deliberately flown into the ocean was replaced by an engine previously destroyed by a fire. This was possible because the NTSB failed to secure the downed plane from tampering after the water landing.)

5. After being advised of these anomalous cuts the NTSB altered the photos to try to hide them.

6. The lifejacket the Coast Guard retrieved from Loretta Fuddy was an infant lifejacket with only one chamber inflated, which doesn’t match her adult life jacket shown in the video with both chambers inflated.

7. The US Navy lied and falsified records to hide that a submarine with SEAL Delivery Vehicle capability was deployed to the area shortly before this “accident”.

8 Military airspace was reserved in advance for this area for the precise time of this event.

9. The FAA claims that no records were kept for this event, even though an “accident file” is MANDATORY for commercial flights where there is a death, severe injury, and/or severe damage to the aircraft.

10. One passenger, who hasn’t admitted to knowledge against the official narrative, used an underwater phallus-shaped device (most likely a radio transmitter) to remain afloat – requiring advance placement of the device and training in its use.

11. After an “autopsy” lacking the mandatory videotape of it and occurring without any record of the coroner having been flown to the island where it took place, the coroner said the cause of death was drowning. Without any further testing (but a day after video was released showing she definitely didn’t die of drowning) the death certificate was completed on Jan 11, 2014 with the COD changed to cardiac arrhythmia.

12. The Molokai tower reported the “crash” location as 300 yards from shore, which would have placed it within Kalawao County jurisdiction, with the mandatory investigation to be done by the Maui County Police Dept. The Coast Guard instead used Josh Lang’s description of the location farther out to sea, to place the crash in international waters, under the jurisdiction of the FBI (3 months into James Comey’s directorship), which claims to have no file heading of  either Fuddy’s death or the “crash”, even though the Coast Guard head ordered the case to be referred to the FBI. IOW, there has been no investigation of this death by law enforcement, in spite of all these anomalies. The MCPD says they have no record of anybody requesting assistance, even though the “autopsy” was done as assistance to SOMEBODY.

Folks, this story is tied into all the Deep State actors who are currently being exposed for using the powers of their offices to conspire against Donald Trump, the man who wasn’t afraid to call out Obama’s bluff on the birth certificate. And there is strong evidence that LORETTA FUDDY committed one of the critical crimes to hide Obama’s documentation problem. The same people who seek the treason of ousting the lawful, Constitutional President Trump who questioned Obama’s constitutionality COMPLETED the treason of installing the unlawful, unConstitutional President Obama. And the key player allowing Obama’s second term – in which so many of the Deep State crimes now being exposed were committed – was LORETTA FUDDY.

There is MUCH, MUCH more to be said on these subjects. Pray with me, that the full truth comes out. When it does, I believe it will expose crimes beyond belief perpetrated by the people who swore to protect us and the US Constitution.




It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I am posting this for those who have wondered about my absence and especially for any autists who (1) may want to pursue the issue of Fuddy’s “death” or who (2) may be willing to use their amazing skills to help me bring to justice those who have deliberately harmed my family.

I’ll actually start with #2:

Six weeks after Zola on this blog (from the Five Eyes UK) threatened that my dear sweet husband would have to lose his job (pastor) if I didn’t stop researching the Fuddy “crash”, my husband, daughter, and I began to show symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

After former SEAL Matt Bracken posted on Free Republic that there are Black Ops poisons that mimic Alzheimers I looked and found Austrian research showing that a poison cocktail of arsenic, cadmium, and lead can rapidly bring on what will always be diagnosed as Alzheimers. I was also told that any system that uses a computer can be compromised by the Deep State. That includes the US Postal Service and medical records.

My sister ordered a home arsenic test on the stealth and delivered it to me personally without ever mentioning it to me first – the only way she or I knew to have a test we could trust. I gave that test to my husband, daughter, and myself, and found environmental levels of arsenic in my husband and daughter. We had chelation testing done and found massive levels of lead in their body tissues. Mayo’s toxicology dept says that a post-chelation result more than 6 times the pre-chelation result shows lead levels in the body that will cause brain damage. My husband’s post-level was 23 times the pre-level.

We can’t trust any of the negative results from this test, however, because there were also massive amounts of gadolinium still in his system from an MRI he’d had 6 weeks earlier – even though the FDA approves gadolinium-based contrast agents because the heavy metal gadolinium will “always” be out of the body within 24 hours, or within 3 days if there is severe kidney damage. My husband has no kidney damage and we have proof that the gadolinium remained for 6 weeks. So we know my husband was exposed to massive amounts of non-environmental lead and small amounts of arsenic, but have no way of knowing what cadmium he may have been exposed to.

Almost exactly a year after Zola’s threat, my husband resigned from his job and went on disability, with one elder being especially angry that he wasn’t fired so he couldn’t get disability (I say this because Zola’s threat was to tell the elders that my “birthering” was pushing people from the church – though nobody in the congregation knew anything about my online activity). I am now preparing to put my husband in a nursing home because he is getting beyond my ability to care for him at home. I am torn because our older son will be married in June and I would like for my husband to be there.

Our doctor eventually referred us to the Mayo Clinic NEUROLOGY dept, which refused to refer us to the toxicology dept because they said the gadolinium made the chelation test untrustworthy. My understanding is that gadolinium could produce a false NEGATIVE, but not a false positive. If lead was found even with the gadolinium present, then there was definitely a lot of lead there. Mayo’s final diagnosis was Posterior Cortical Atrophy, possibly due to an Alzheimers process, since they found the presence of beta amyloid (explainable by the lead) and Tau proteins (explainable by the arsenic).

The autists might remember that Q has implicated Mayo in some not-so-good stuff associated with the satanic alliance of Soros, Rothschild, and House of Saud. The President of the entire Mayo system was the former head of the neurology dept at Mayo in Rochester, where we were diagnosed.

Our 15-year-old daughter spent a year doctoring at Children’s Hospital in Omaha, and their final conclusion was that there was something systemic that was wreaking havoc with her body but none of their experts could find out what it was, after ruling out everything they could think of. They did find what they thought was lactose intolerance, but eliminating milk products did nothing for her, and it turns out that lead poisoning can cause the same test result, if I understand correctly. She is stable now and only occasionally has old symptoms return.

So anyway, that’s my situation. If any of the autists can help me get to the bottom of this I would greatly appreciate it. This explains why I have been absent – which is what the Deep State wanted.

Now, to #1:

Some things we know for sure, based on the evidence. Documentation and better explanations are in the book that I co-wrote with Hugo Feugen, who did the heavy lifting on the aviation and image processing – including consults with people with incredible credentials. (You can order the book or see free video/audio at ):

1. Sound analysis of the audio and the images of the pilot’s dash panel show that the engine was running normally right up to splashdown. The pilot and passengers were all in on this.

2. Top-secret underwater military communications devices were present in the water immediately. One fish-disguised device is seen in the water while Ferdinand Puentes was holding onto the end of the wing – within minutes of the landing. One transmitter was a phallus-shaped inflatable held between the legs of Marilyn Briley – a detail of which neither she nor her husband can claim ignorance since there was probably advance training involved.

3. After being lied to in FOIA responses, we eventually received a document showing that a submarine with a bay to transport a SEAL Delivery Vehicle (LaJolla) had been ordered into the area an hour before this planned water landing. Military airspace had been reserved in advance for the exact time of the landing.

4. What the Coast Guard retrieved from the water and called “Loretta Fuddy” was in an infant life jacket with one of the two chambers uninflated (the CO2 cartridge for one chamber was intact, unpierced). But in the video Fuddy is seen in an adult life jacket with both chambers inflated. You can’t UN-pierce a CO2 cartridge. What the USCG picked up was NOT the same Fuddy seen in the video. And they knew that. It was something that could be pushed by the wind farther out to sea than anybody else floated, and stayed afloat with a half-inflated infant life jacket. Probably a mannequin.

5. What IS seen in the video is a thrashing Fuddy who is suddenly replaced by a tall, thin person wearing a different shoe, laying a different way, and facing a different direction than had been the case with Fuddy immediately before the switch-out.

6. The engine that was photographed on the salvor’s barge had a different propeller paint scheme, Several dozen CUTS that didn’t match the place where the cut was from, and protruding bolts where N687MA had been previously photographed having recessed bolts. What was pulled from the water and put on the barge is NOT what went into the water in the video. The NTSB photoshopped the images in their final report, to try to obfuscate the obvious evidence.

7. The engine that Pratt & Whitney-Canada examined had broken compressor blades but the cause of their breakage could not be known because of the damage from “the intense fire”. With the engine running normally until splashdown, there was no opportunity for an intense fire. This is more evidence that what the NTSB and Pratt-Whtney-Canada were given to examine was NOT the same engine as was videotaped going into the water.

8. Topographical maps of the area show that the ocean floor there had rock that jutted up very close to the surface (which also explains why Keith Yamamoto, while holding Fuddy’s hand, is seen standing on the ocean floor with his lifejacket not even touching the water). If the landing had been ½ mile out as was claimed, the water would be too deep to easily cut away the engine and replace it with a different one, but the landing was actually about 300 yards from shore – as was also claimed by the Molokai tower operator looking on radar, according to the audio from that day. On the video a plume of water spray near the engine can be seen. Jerome Corsi says that a source working with the salvor said the engine was removed with a machine.

9. Because the incident was CLAIMED to be ½ mile from shore, it fell to the jurisdiction of James Comey’s FBI to investigate Fuddy’s death, even though the jurisdiction was actually Kalaupapa, which had an agreement for Maui County to do their investigations. Neither Maui County nor Kalaupapa claimed jurisdiction or did an investigation, although they gave deceptive statements implying that they investigated. The “autopsy” allegedly done by Dr. Lindsey Harle was done as “outside assistance” to somebody that Maui County claimed they had no records from, asking them to assist. Maui County just magically knew to assist somebody who never contacted them. The commander of the Pacific fleet USCG asked the matter to be referred to the FBI but the FBI denied having any FILE HEADING that included either Fuddy’s name or the N687MA. Poof. Just disappeared from all record, in James Comey’s FBI.

10. The EMT who received Fuddy’s “body” on top-side Molokai was Fuddy’s brother-in-law, Scotty Schafer. The witnesses who identified her were Scotty and his wife Lynette (who was chaplain for the Police Dept).

10. Dr. Lindsey Harle – Maui County’s coroner – did not videotape the “autopsy” as required. It began on the island of Molokai before the first plane from Maui would have arrived, and Kalaupapa was not billed for any flights as would be the case if she had flown commercially. Harle also did a full autopsy on the island of Maui that same day. Fuddy’s cause of death shifted from drowning to cardiac arrhythmia, with no evidence given as the reason for the switch. At the time Harle was deciding what to give as COD, Michelle Obama was staying on Maui indefinitely with a very visible presence to the MCPD. AG Eric Holder’s wife and Valerie Jarrett were also there. Michelle Obama suddenly made it known (on the day the COD was released) that she would be heading back to Washington, DC.

11. The FAA claims they did not collect an “accident file” for this fatal commuter airline crash, as required by FAA guidelines. In their claim they cited guidelines that were not yet in existence at the time. They also claimed that they destroyed the very records they later claimed they had never collected – even though records would have had to be kept for 2 years beyond the last communication I had with them in a FOIA request for those records. That 2-year retention period was mandatory EVEN IF the individual records had never been collected into an official file; the request was made in time so that the records were still under retention, and my request extended the retention period to AT LEAST 2 more years. Yet the FAA claims they destroyed the records.

12. My FOIA email to the FAA was deleted from my server at a time when only the FAA, my colleague, and me should have known it even existed. I was able to confront them with the email because I had BCC’ed my colleague and it had not been deleted from HIS server, so he forwarded it back to me and I confronted them with it. As Q would say, “These people are stupid.”

(Of interest is that the 5-Eyes-Nation poster Zola (who threatened me) claimed to have unlimited time, money, and computer expertise at her disposal to use against me and threatened to hack my computer. Zola also posted at as “interested bystander” and “Quinn” – as I learned when she bragged about the posts she had submitted to me for moderation. In her many screeds submitted to my blog she claimed to be posing as my friend on Free Republic, to have moderation powers, and to have a host of “sock-puppets” to attack me – as indeed happened there. She bragged that she was giving her sock-puppets a rest, when I was gagged for no reason in the middle of one of my threads about the Fuddy hoax.)

I have left Free Republic because I was being libeled there, and life is too short (and time too precious right now) to waste it on paid sock-puppets who frustrate any earnest posters into leaving.

There is much, much more. A lot I’ve forgotten, with the stress of dealing with my husband’s dementia. Fortunately, I’ve kept records and have shared my records with capable people.

There is a grand-daddy reason why Fuddy had to go. And the current AZ SOS’s office appears to be in the process of getting rid of documentation even as I type, and trying to invent documentation for why they destroyed a permanent record that legally proves once for all that Obama has no valid Hawaii birth certificate – and that Fuddy committed treason by using her official capacities to deceive the entire world to think otherwise.

Q has implied that Obama was part of a 16-year plan to bring the US to the point where an EMP attack by North Korea or Iran could finish us off for good. Fuddy was the lynch-pin to keep the foreign enemy combatant in the White House another 4 years, and AZ shows the height of her treason.

The legal rationale for Fuddy’s faked death – and all the Deep State actors who covered it up – may well lead back to Arizona in another way. Autists, here are some clues:

What is the lone reason a new birth certificate number can be given in HI?

Who counts as law enforcement?

What event stunned the nation and was politicized by the democrats in AZ right before Loretta Fuddy replaced Neal Palafox as HDOH director? What is in common with the FF’s Q has implied? Two-fer? Judge Roll AND new BC#?

Who do the undercover dems get to “do our shit” when the unions won’t? Who does the arranging? When was he at the White House?

Compare timing with DM’s hacks in HI. (BTW, I have evidence supporting his claims. I can show that both the HDOH database and birth index were falsified).

What is the lone reason a fake autopsy could be created in Hawaii? Who was HI AG at the time? Where was he schooled and when?

Sorry for the length of this. Autists willing to help with #2, I can show you the screeds by Zola so you can look for clues.

My story is tiny compared to those killed by the Deep State. I want justice for those killed first. But I also want justice for the man I love, who can’t remember how to use a toilet without my help, who lashes out violently if he has to go in a car, and whose only sentence he can reliably verbalize any more is “I love you”.

I love you too, Nathan, and I want the people who did this to you to know that you matter, no matter how blind they are to the sanctity of human life.


Altering History

Altering History

This regime should scare the heck out of everybody.

MCPD Responses Indicate Fuddy Did Not Die

MCPD Responses Indicate Fuddy Did Not Die

Summary: The MCPD claims that they didn’t collect sworn witness statements regarding the N687MA water landing (which resulted in the alleged death of Loretta Fuddy) because HRS 841-3 was not statutorily in effect. If Fuddy’s pulse stopped in the water as claimed, then HRS 841-3 would be in effect for Maui County if she died. If her pulse stopped on land at Kalaupapa then HRS 841-3 would be in effect for Kalawao County if she died. Neither county did the investigation that would have been required by HRS 841-3 if Loretta Fuddy had died. Both counties agreed that if Fuddy had died HRS 841-3 would be in effect for Maui County.

By saying that HRS 841-3 was NOT in effect, the Maui County Police Department confirms that Loretta Fuddy did not die.

Either the Maui County Police Department is lying and refusing to do their statutory duty of collecting sworn witness statements, or Loretta Fuddy did not die as a result of the water landing of N687MA.

FAA Response Indicates that Fuddy Crash and Death Were Faked

FAA Response Indicates that Fuddy Crash and Death Were Faked

Summary: When the FAA told me that records were destroyed within 30 days because the Fuddy crash was a “no-services” accident, they were confirming that there was no airline “accident” – which means that none of the passengers died within 30 days as a result of the crash, and there was no engine failure. Their response further indicates that they knew this to be the case even as they created documents claiming otherwise.

Either the FAA is lying and illegally destroyed records, or what they claim is true.

FAA FOIA Request and Response

FAA FOIA Request 2 and Disclosure Letter

This is my FOIA request and the FAA’s response.


As my request notes, this is the 2nd request I sent – the first one, filed 28 days after Dec 11th,  having been divided into 2 parts.

I was not told what parts were going to whom, or that they would be treated as 2 separate requests. Diana Pfiefle told me via email that I had a certain deadline to agree to pay $2,000 because of the recordings I requested. Before that deadline, though, I received a letter from the FAA’s legal people in DC, saying that I had 30 days to appeal the decision to temporarily deny me access. I responded within the 30 days and attached a copy of my appeal in an email to Pfeifle, saying that the snail mail was en route to the DC guy and asking her to forward my appeal so the records I requested would not be destroyed before I could respond (this was before I knew the requirements for the accident package). Pfeifle shortly thereafter told me that my request for everything except the FAA Compliance Report (which I hadn’t even necessarily requested) had been canceled because I hadn’t agreed to fork out the $,2000 (which somehow later became $1,100 because some of the recordings that existed had supposedly been destroyed, though if it being a “no services” accident meant the records could be destroyed, then they should ALL have been destroyed and not just some. I don’t  have access to those emails at the moment, or I would check to see how many hours of recordings they claimed existed initially that they claim DON’T exist now).

Incidentally, this dividing up the requests and then not telling me what responses are for what parts of the request, even when I ask directly…. is the same tactic the MCPD used, resulting in me NEVER receiving a response to my UIPA request for the rest of the emergency services CAD transcript. The MCFD said they could only give me the transcript up to 5:17, when it was said there was one person in critical condition in the USCG helicopter and they were trying to decide where to transport the victim to Maui, or to Honolulu. I’m not sure what is so special about 5:17, that the Fire Dept’s access to further communications should have been shut off right there, but I was told I had to get the rest of it from the MCPD. I requested the CAD transcript at the same time as I requested the autopsy report and the investigative record regarding this rescue call and the follow-up, but the MCPD sent just the CAD transcript part to the county’s attorneys.


Mandatory Occurrence Report



This is the Mandatory Occurrence Report filed by the Investigator In Charge at the Honolulu Control Facility, reporting the Dec 11, 2013 water landing resulting in the alleged death of Hawaii Health Director, Loretta Fuddy. It was mandatory because the accident involved a commercial aircraft and there was a fatality. It was filed by the Honolulu Control Facility because, it says, the Operational Supervisor in Charge (OSIC) was in contact with N687MA – which means it CANNOT be classified as a “no services” accident as the FAA claimed when saying they destroyed records regarding this water landing.

FAA Claims Fuddy Crash Records Destroyed

Addition: the procedures the FAA is required to follow for accidents involving commercial aircraft and/or fatalities or serious injuries can be seen at , starting with paragraph 71 on page 27 of that PDF.

I did an interview with the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, which can be seen at

What follows is a summary of one of the major points. (The request and response are found at ):

I submitted a FOIA request for FAA records related to the “Fuddy crash”, including radar, radio, computer records, handwritten notes, emails, and  phone calls including inter- and intra-agency phone calls during the 2-8pm HST time period as well as in the follow-up to the water landing of N687MA.


The FAA responded by sending from the Honolulu Control Facility (HCF)  some air traffic audio files, Daily Record of Facility Operation, Mandatory Occurrence Report, and  National Traffic Management Log (NTML). They also sent the result of a computer search for NOTAM’s (Notices to Airmen) for the Maui FAA facility.


The NTML had the identities of 3 “special operations” military aircraft redacted – one of which was scheduled in advance for 3-4pm HST on Dec 11th. The audio files suggest that this operation was in the Molokai/Kalaupapa area and left the area around the same time as the crash (based on the FAA investigator’s calculated time for the crash).


But beyond that, the FAA said that all the other records which would have been responsive to my request were destroyed.


No radar, no computer records/files, no handwritten notes, no emails, no phone calls. There were no other records responsive to my request; whatever might have existed had been destroyed:


“The search revealed no ATO records responsive to items 3, 4, 7. 9, 10, 12, and 13 of your request. There are no ATO provisions for recording the frequencies listed in items 12 and 13. In addition, this accident was classified as a “no services” accident, meaning no FAA facility had contact with the aircraft. No transcripts were created and any radar data responsive to item 9 or additional audio re-recordings that may have existed have been destroyed in accordance with FAA Order 7210.3Y, Facility Operation and Administration…”


A Mandatory Occurrence Report is the report required to be filed (usually by the last FAA facility to have contact with the plane before the accident) when a report and “accident package” and file are mandated because the accident involved a commercial aircraft and/or fatalities or serious injury. If there is a MOR there also has to be an “accident package” – pertinent records (of the very kinds I asked to see) collected (and retained for 5 years) by the reporting facility from all the FAA or FAA-contracted facilities which could have relevant records. HCF filed the MOR because (according to the MOR) HCF’s  Operational Supervisor in Charge was in contact with N687MA – although none of the audio files disclosed to me  showed that, and the frequency for the contact was not included in the MOR.

Those records should not have been destroyed. If they truly have been destroyed someone should go to jail for destroying them. If they haven’t been destroyed, somebody should go to jail for lying in an official FOIA response, in order to keep from being forced to disclose those records.

There’s more, which can be heard on the audio linked above. But for now I want to make sure that people realize the enormity of the FAA’s claim that they destroyed these records. There are a TON of discrepancies in the official records that have been made available to me, including these FAA written and audio files. But we can’t get to the bottom of what really happened because the FAA records which would reveal exactly what happened have been destroyed. according to the official FAA FOIA response.

Some Background Information

Some have expressed concern because I’ve not posted for a while. Thank you for caring. I’ve had a lot of real-life stuff that has required my attention, in addition to the research.

To those who have given me information or input, thank you! I have read what you said and have been processing it in my mind and collating it with other information I’ve received. A lot of the processing and information I’ve got right now can’t be revealed yet because I have a bunch of pending FOIA requests and I want to make sure that state and federal agencies don’t know what discrepancies they need to try to mitigate, so they don’t know how to alter the records they give me. The records I’ve got so far show serious discrepancies on every major detail regarding this crash and the response to it, and also show some agencies manipulating the data to try to hide things. So I know that manipulation of the records is a very real possibility. I’ve been biting my tongue, trying not to say more than I should in places like Free Republic.

Every request I’ve made has been like pulling teeth, with emails disappearing, UIPA (HI’s FOIA) responses getting “lost” in the US mail, delays, appeals, non-responses, etc. I’ve had to babysit every request, forcing people to do what is required by law, force-feeding them the legal reasons why they have to respond and why the records are discloseable, appealing their non-responses or denials, reminding them they haven’t responded, double-checking to make sure they got my communications and I got theirs, looking up contact information for people who aren’t responding or to whom my request was forwarded, sorting out how my requests were divided and whose responses are about what part of the request (a way that the FAA was able to cancel a request, since I didn’t know that the longer deadline I was given only applied to a portion of the request  that was separated from my original request without the agency telling me what part was separated), etc.

So it’s been a zoo. The extra people in the water just minutes after the crash strongly suggest that the crash was planned in advance. I will say that the combined records so far allude to 11 people who were pulled from the water by rescuers and at least another 2 who swam ashore. That’s 13 people when the “official narrative” claims only 9 were there. So the extra people shown in the video are also corroborated by the records, with summaries provided to the public contradicting what’s in the internal records.

Why was the crash planned? The answer to that depends on whether Fuddy is actually dead. Some of my records requests are trying to get to the bottom of that, using records that are required public disclosures. MAJOR obstructions on all those records.

Part of the obstructions could be legally-justified, IF this crash was planned in order to put Fuddy into witness protection – if not on a federal level then on a state level. Either level would make it mandatory for the agencies to hide information which would reveal Fuddy’s hidden protected status, if the AG so ordered it. HI statute allows the AG to do ANYTHING that he/she deems necessary to “protect” somebody who somewhere down the line might testify for the government in some investigation or legal proceeding – as long as the AG believes that investigation/case will have a lot of people interested in it and the potential witness could be in danger.

Rather than take the time to rewrite everything, I’m going to adapt what I posted elsewhere, about that, and about the whole idea of faked deaths and whether it is an unthinkably crazy theory. Given the evidence that the crash was planned, the alternate theory is murder.

The rest of this post is how I responded when asked the question, “Who/what was in the casket?”:

I have no way of knowing because the image that I know is genuinely from the funeral and shows some of the interior of the casket doesn’t seem to match the photoshopped images. What’s in the middle of the casket in the genuine photo looks dark and round, not like the pasty-white hands from the other images. There’s not much empty space on either side of the person, in the casket showing the hands. But it seems like you can see the whole side cushion inside the coffin in the genuine photo – with no arms, torso or anything showing. The style of the casket seems different – rounded top versus flat top, different profile when the lid was open, etc. The images just don’t seem to match.

And I can’t help but wonder why they photoshopped the other images.

So I don’t know. I have no way of knowing. What I do know is that something seems screwy, with the photoshopping and the images not seeming to match.

And I suppose Fred is right. I suppose you’re setting me up to laugh at me, because of course funerals are NEVER faked. Reading a bit, I find that drownings are the easiest way to fake a death because there doesn’t have to be a body. That makes it all the more interesting that the acting coroner’s information officer, Lt William Juan, was quoted in the LA Times the day after the crash, saying that Fuddy’s body was retrieved from the wreckage. The confusion over how many people were in the plane, how many swam ashore, who picked them out of the water, etc means that to this day the public claims of what really happened don’t match the number of people reported in the records as having been retrieved. There are differing numbers reported as having been transported. The lat-longitude coordinates for where the helos went when they transported people make no sense.

Confusion like that allowed several different claims to be an option – from Fuddy drowning and her body not being found, to her drowned body being retrieved from the wreckage, to her dying in the water, to her being in critical condition when found but dying while she was being worked on… And almost all those stories have been simultaneously claimed by different people in the reports or in the media statements. There may have been Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D, and people got confused over which one was actually going to be used. Maybe it depended on how things went. For whatever reason, the timing of the crash being discovered, the media report of one dead, the timing of when the helicopters were where and what was in the Fire Dept versus the USCG CAD transcripts, when the aircraft arrived, etc were all off as well as the stories of where and in what condition Fuddy was found, by whom, by whom she was lifted, where she was taken once lifted, etc, which are all off. They have internal and external inconsistencies. Which is what clued in a lot of people (including myself) to the suspicious nature of this crash, even before the video surfaced showing extra people and equipment in the water.

At there is a 2002 interview with the guy who founded the federal Witsec program. I believe around the 30-minute mark he says that they don’t need to do elaborate schemes to make it appear that somebody died because the US is a big enough place that a person can effectively be hidden (Note that this was in 2002 – before we had surveillance cameras, drones, etc all over the place). And that’s probably true for low-profile people. It might not be as true for somebody widely-known, and especially if it is somebody people all over the country might recognize and suspect as still being alive.

Such a person might not so easily hide in this age of surveillance and social media – as evidenced by the fact that by the time of Fuddy’s funeral a dear Freeper sleuth had discovered Fuddy’s alternate facebook account using the name she thought only her friends would recognize: Deliana Antone, the name under which it is claimed that she bought with cash a multi-million-dollar house in Florida shortly after her alleged death.

An interesting factoid about the FEDERAL WITSEC program: people in the program are not allowed to contact their non-protected friends and relatives after getting their new identity and are urged to choose a new LAST NAME but to keep their original first name. By using Deliana instead of Loretta, Fuddy would have ensured that her friends and family would be able to know it was her – and especially since she already had a facebook account under that name (though it is impossible to know who set up that FB account or when…)

Another interesting factoid: the feds will not provide a credit record for the new identity taken by people in the WITSEC program. If such a person wanted to buy a house they would not have the credit references needed to get a loan. They would have to pay cash.

The introduction to that audio clip says, “From arranging fake funerals to obtaining breast implants for a mobster’s wife — the federal witness protection program has done and seen it all. Gerald Shur, the man who created the program, joins Kojo for a behind-the-scenes discussion.” That is just one of the places where it is mentioned that a fake funeral can be part of the process of giving somebody a new identity. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the Obama regime gave dozens of Benghazi witnesses new identities in order to keep them hidden from Congressional investigators, so the Obama regime probably has the fake funeral streamlined pretty well by now…

HRS 338-17.7 is where the HDOH (under the control of the Director) is authorized to give a new, totally fake BC for somebody with a Hawaii BC if law enforcement says a BC with different claims is necessary for that person’s protection. This may be the law that Fuddy relied upon as a legal fig leaf to cover her behind when she ordered the creation of Obama’s fake BC. As far as I know, a death certificate is not similarly authorized, BUT in HRS 28-101 (seen at ) the Attorney General is given permission to do ANYTHING he/she deems necessary to protect a potential witness in what could potentially be a case (or a mere INVESTIGATION…) with high public interest. Here’s what it says (emphasis mine):

“(a) The attorney general shall establish a statewide witness program through which the attorney general may fund or provide for the security and protection of a government witness or a potential government witness in an official proceeding or investigation where the attorney general determines that an offense such as those described in section 710-1071 (intimidating a witness), 710-1072 (tampering with a witness), or 710-1072.2 (retaliating against a witness) is likely to be committed or which involves great public interest…

“(b) In connection with the security and protection of a witness, a potential witness, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness or potential witness, the attorney general may fund or take ANY ACTION the attorney general determines to be necessary to protect such person from bodily injury, or to assure the person’s health, safety, and welfare, for as long as, in the judgment of the attorney general, such danger exists.”

Notice this covers a “potential government witness” for any kind of investigation or proceeding. This could be applied to almost any situation that the AG could imagine cropping up in the future, as long as he/she thinks the case would have high public interest.

And “any action” would cover a fake autopsy and death certificate, or anything else. The state AG would have the authority to order the Maui County Police Chief to fake an autopsy, for instance, or request the USCG to lie about what happened in a staged rescue call.

That is a LOT of leeway. The state AG has a signed blank check in that statute. And that would be David Louie – the guy who would never say for sure whether Neal Palafox was being investigated for Medicare billing fraud, when they forced Palafox to resign (while lying and saying he resigned for “personal reasons”) so they could get Fuddy as HDOH director instead, the day after Birtherreport reported that Gov. Abercrombie had told Mike Evans there wasn’t a birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii…

And of course, though the state statute probably means the STATE AG in that statute, rather than the US AG, it is interesting to note that when the Maui County Police Chief was deciding on the cause of death for Fuddy, the US Attorney General’s wife was there in Maui along with Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, demanding the chief provide lots and lots of security for them so they were constantly in his face. Michelle was staying there indefinitely, but the day that the Police Chief announced cardiac arrhythmia as the accidental cause of death, it was revealed that Michelle would be going back to DC.

At it lists some notable faked deaths.

Another list of faked deaths is at where it says:

“Daryl Pinksen said…

I thought it might be useful to provide a list of links to stories about people who tried, and ultimately failed, to fake their own deaths.(It is worth noting that those who are successful in the attempt do not make the news.)

Consider that these cases date only from the past decade or so, and represent only those that turned up in a quick Google search. If we extrapolate this rate back 400 years, the scenario does become mundane.

The point is that while faking one’s death may be sensational, it is far from extraordinary.

1. Bruce Leyte

2. Patrick McDermott (suspected, Olivia Newton-John’s husband)

3. John Stonehouse

4-6. Carl Hackett, Graham Cardwell, Thomas Osmond

7. Bennie Wint

8. Marcus Shrenk

9. Jenaro Hernandez

10. John Sung Park

11. Daniel Kinge

12. Harry Gordon

13. Bill Grothe

14. Gubraman Subramaniam

15. Sean Lovelock-Woodall (suspected)

16. Bruce Dale

17. Jason Hart

18. John Darwin

19. John Fossett (suspected, later disproved)

20. Jeremy Daniel Oakley

There are other links somebody gave me too, but I can’t find them right now. It’s been a long day and I need to go to bed. Those who want to laugh at me are going to do so no matter what I say anyway so this is really just for the benefit of anybody who cares to know some factual information instead of guffawing based on ignorance.

Means, motive, and opportunity. They were all there that day. Just a couple weeks before this crash, Mike Zullo had told Carl Gallups that they had universe-shattering evidence that was going to require a response from the feds – the feds who could appoint a Congressional investigation having the ability to override Eric Holder’s fox-guarding-the-henhouse position of sabotaging real justice. Given what we know about the NSA, it’s a really good bet that Obama’s people know what evidence Zullo and Arpaio have. They knew this was serious. And it is, people. It is VERY serious.

Serious as a heart attack.