Evans: Abercrombie Says No Proof of HI Birth

Audio Recording From 1-18-2011 on KQRS. Recording at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD0U_jo2jQE (Special thanks to Jemian on Free Republic for transcribing this audio.)


Mike Evans: I have a personal interest so I thought I’d share it with you. Former U.S. Congressman from Hawaii Neal Abercrombie has been a friend of mine for decades. In fact, when I first met Neal he was driving a cab in Honolulu. Well, Neal and I spent a lot of time together in Washington, D.C. during Obama’s inauguration. Neal told me then that he was gonna run for governor of Hawaii, that he had…, that, that he’d had enough of being a U.S. Congressman. He also told me that…stories … he had told me many times after Barack became famous, that he was in college going to the University of Hawaii, he was a friend of Barack Obama’s dad and that he remembers Barack Obama as a little kid. He used to call him “Barry.” In fact, I did a TV interview with, uh, Abercrombie at CSPAN the day after the inauguration and we had to … we had to stop twice because he referred to the President as Barry which he … after he did he said, “I can’t do that, I gotta call him Mr. President.”

Well, when Neal promised me that when he became governor, he was going to cut through all the red tape, he was going to get Obama’s birth certificate once-and-for-all and end this stupid controvery, th.. that he was not born in the United States.
“Yesterday talking in Neal’s office, Neal says that he searched everywhere using his power as governor at the Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Queen’s Hospital, the only place that kids were born in Hawaii back when Barack was born, … there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii.
Second Speaker: Really?
Mike Evans: Absolutely no proof, at all, that he was born in Hawaii.

Third Speaker: Wow!

Mike Evans: Now he went out, he LOVES Obama. I mean he purposely did this to get rid of that, that question. Now, got some egg in the face. I mean now he admits publically that there is no birth certificate.
Second Speaker: Well,… there might be an addendum to that. There is the story there is a birth announcement. But it’s been explained. His grandparents could called the newspaper and said, ‘Hey! He, we kn…, our grandchild was born. And ah… he didn’t have to be born in Hawaii for that. So its raising the issue again.”
Mike Evans: Absolutely!
Second Speaker: … after it seemed to be put to bed.

Mike Evans: And I asked him, I go, “Well, when do you remember when do you remember Barack? When’s your first memory?” And he goes, ‘I remember him playing, like, in the T-ball league.’ And I go, “Well, when he was, like, five or six.” And he goes, “Something like that.” And I go, “Well, what about before that?” And he goes, “Well, I don’t really remember him much before that.” which I thought was very odd.
Second Speaker: Really?
Mike Evans: Anyway.
Second Speaker: I have a question for you.

Mike Evans: Yeah?

Second Speaker: According to …ah, ah, … federal law, and I don’t know constitution law, but I assume it would be … ah … why is he allowed to be president of the United States then if he can’t prove he is a U.S. citizen?
Mike Evans: Well that’s … that’s…
Second Speaker: Was he born here? That’s the big question. (?/inaudible) That’s weird.

Mike Evans: And now now Abercrombie is the first to say that he he, that Abercrombie is a Obama lover …

Second Speaker: Right

Mike Evans : … that he’s concerned that … that is really going to be an issue during the election, re-election.

Second Speaker: So it has taken off as a, a big story again, huh?

Mike Evans: Yes.

Second Speaker: Well, well, what’s interesting about it is that this guy attacked people who questioned that he was born in Hawaii just a few weeks ago.

Mike Evans: Neal did.

Second Speaker: Yes.

Mike Evans: Yeah, I mean … I’m tellin’ ya’. Neal and I are buddies and during this whole inauguration when I was in Washington for those a ten days, I spent a lot of time with Neal, and anytime anybody would come up and bring this up, you’re right, Neal was almost militant about it. “I remember him as a kid. He’s from Hawaii, born and raised …“ so, needless to say, I’m sure he was shocked more than anybody by this whole thing.

Second Speaker: Don’t you have to produce … papers that say you were

Mike Evans: You’d think so. You’d have to, wouldn’t cha’?

Second Speaker: Well, there’s been a certificate of Live Birth, but that’s being questioned too, because you don’t have to … it’s not the official Birth Certificate.

Mike Evans: There’d have to be one at the hospital, signed by the doctor certifying birth by a … a birth. And there isn’t that.

Second Speaker: You’re kidding me.

Mike Evans: It’s like aaaa… baptism papers. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on, really.
Second Speaker: Well, Mike, how hard would it be to find out what doctors were on then.

Mike Evans: Apparently he can’t find any of that … that says that they were there.



  1. Charlene
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 7:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wondering why all the silence from Aber lately. Geez, he was plenty vocal afe weeks ago……
    Was wondering too, has anyone attempted to contact Baskin- Robbins? I am sure it has been done, but i wonder if they keep employment records. Do non citizens need a SS# to work? I would guess not??????

    • Posted February 14, 2011 at 11:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I’d like to know what communications have gone on between the White House/Soros machine and Abercrombie.

      I don’t know of anybody who has contacted Baskin-Robbins, but I doubt they would have employment records from that far back. I also think the Soros machine is very effective at shutting up private businesses – including colleges and employers. Their trouble comes with the government records which are subject to FOIA – stuff like the passport records for Obama’s mom. Hopefully the judge in Strunk’s case will have to act soon. I’m hoping Issa can breathe down the necks a little also, giving a little incentive for the obfuscation and fraud to be brought to an end.

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