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I’ve got a terrible cold so I’m going to throw this out there and ask people to check my work. With 8chan down, there’s some good research going on in the Q thread at freerepublic, so if somebody could post this there for me, those posters will check it all out.  Here’s the link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3781256/posts?q=1&;page=601 (Sorry, I can’t find any icon for adding a live link)


Update/Note: These sources refer to Kolomoisky as owning Burisma, whereas the media reports that it is owned by a Mykola Zlochevsky. At http://johnhelmer.net/the-hunt-for-burisma-part-ii-what-role-for-igor-kolomoisky-what-london-missed-what-washington-doesnt-want-to-see/ it says ” “The Privat Group is the immediate owner. This company was founded by Mykola Zlochevsky some time ago, but he later sold his shares to the Privat Group.” The Privat Group (bank) is owned by Kolomoisky, received the loans from the IMF with loan guarantees by the US taxpayer, and engaged in the ponzi scheme. From that lengthy article, it is apparent that the Ukrainian oligarchs are slippery and possessive. Just wanted to explain the discrepancy between other reports you’ll see and these ones.

John Solomon (at https://www.scribd.com/user/259237201/JohnSolomon) has documents from Shokin, the  prosecutor who was fired, among other things, and one of the big issues was Shokin’s adherence to the rule of law – regarding the Obama regime’s illegal attempts to keep Dmitry Firtash from returning to Ukraine to present his plan for modernizing the Ukraine economy. The Obama regime insisted that Firtash was a criminal but would never produce any evidence of that. To scare Firtash from returning, photos of Kolomoisky’s Azov Battalion were posted online, suggesting Firtash would be killed if he showed up. There’s probably more to the story, but it seems like the Obama regime used lies, money, and political pressure to try to protect “their guy” (the one doing the ponzi scheme) from the competition of other oligarchs.


I’ve been reading up on the Ukraine thing and I think everybody is missing the boat as to why this is a big deal right now. The oligarch who owns the company Hunter Biden worked for was involved in a ponzi scheme through his bank. He loaned money to non-existent “companies” which then laundered the money throughout the world, including in the US through NH-based entities (isn’t that where the Bidens are from?) And then the bank files suit when they don’t get paid back for the loan. AND THE US TAXPAYER PAYS THE BANK. That’s what these billions of dollars in loan insurance were, that Biden was pledged with dispensing and threatened to withhold if the investigator looking into the Ponzi scheme was not fired.

This was a US_funded ponzi scheme to create a slush fund for political allies outside the US, who then OWED political favors, like donating to the Clinton Foundation, leaking claims of Paul Manafort being paid by Russia, hiding Clinton’s server on Crowdstrike’s Ukrainian servers. All those things were asked of Ukraine by the DNC. The whole Russian collusion hoax was the baby of Ukrainian allies of the DNC – allies who were bought through US tax dollars in the form of loan insurance for these crooked Ukrainian oligarchs’ banks. Yes, Hunter Biden was the beneficiary of nepotism but in getting rid of the prosecutor Joe Biden was covering HIS OWN BUTT, and the butts of the whole stinking cabal, because this whole story would expose the deep state techniques to use their positions and taxpayer dollars to get slush money and worldwide political favors. One of which was a coup against Donald Trump.

John Solomon said on Hannity last night that he has a boatload of evidence from official sources, saying that the prosecutor Biden wanted fired was fired because of Biden’s threat, not because he was corrupt. Biden wanted him gone because he was NOT corrupt. Once the honest prosecutor was gone, a Biden-appointed prosecutor dropped the investigation of the Ponzi scheme.

But the new prosecutor appointed when the new president was elected told Solomon that he was immediately approached by Yovanovitch, the Obama-appointed, Biden-nominated US ambassador to Ukraine, with a list of people he was not allowed to prosecute. When he instead gathered evidence of not only the Ponzi scheme using US tax dollars but also of the DNC’s cash-in on political favors to oust Trump, the US State Dept cut off funding and withheld passports needed to transfer Ukraine’s evidence of US crimes to US prosecutors. This is who Trump referred to in his July call with the president as bad news, and Trump’s focus was on the bad people from both Ukraine and the US.

So what we have is evidence of the deep state’s collusion to bilk the US taxpayers for political slush funds while obstructing justice for the perpetrators (this is where the “teflon coating” comes from) and the DNC’s collusion with these “corruption-bought” allies, to commit the treason of asking for foreign interference in the election, staging a coup against Trump. The CIA is most likely implicated also because within a month of Trump’s inauguration the CIA dude who was Mitt Romney’s advisor was appointed to replace Hunter Biden on the board of directors of the Cyprus-based Ukrainian natural gas company owned by Kolomoiski. (The Cyprus companies were where the laundering from these ponzi “loans” was done. Now we find out also that the “whistleblower” who offered up hearsay to Adam Schiff was a CIA guy.

This Kolomoisky also hires his own “rightwing” (Nazi) military, which helps him to acquire assets. They allegedly storm the asset that he wants and take it over. The Ukrainian oligarch billionaire arms dealer who supplies that military (Igor Pasternak) is a sugar daddy for Adam Schiff, holding $2500/plate dinners to support Schiff.

It’s one great big slush fund, funded by the US taxpayer and enabled by CIA and deep state running cover to get rid of genuine investigations. And all that was caught just in that one instance of Biden bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations – which Trump noted Biden must have thought was a “friendly audience” (i.e. in on it). Lot of bigwig democrats on the CFR; why no outrage at Biden’s blatant admission of quid pro quo?

This story, right here, in a nutshell confirms what Q has been saying. If the truth were ever let out it would start the exposure in a big way. The “whistleblower” had to get out ahead of it all and make it about Hunter Biden and politics, instead of what it REALLY is about: the deep state and its criminal actors committing treason and obstructing justice to keep the US under their control.

Some links copied from my clipboard, that will help substantiate my theory. Please check them out and make sure I’m not misunderstanding anything:

The money laundering scheme: https://www.sott.net/article/416321-The-Kolomoisky-Pyramid-Hillary-Clinton-Victoria-Nuland-and-Christine-Lagarde

More on money laundering details and on Kolomoisky’s military: https://clarityofsignal.com/2017/01/21/msm-mia-the-ukrainian-oligarch-right-sector-nazis-mh-17-and-joe-bidens-son/

The do-not-prosecute list immediately given to the new prosecutor:


Adam Schiff’s ties to Kolomoisky through the arms dealer: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/09/mitt_romney_adviser_sits_on_burisma_board_of_directors.html


The Q thread alrady has a bunch of stuff about the DNC’s paid operative, Chalupa, going to Ukraine for the leak on Manafort and, I think, the info that the Biden-approved prosecutor (pulled out by the MSM to deny the truth) was actually working for Fusion GPS to try to dig up dirt on Trump. AND is being investigated for Russian payments that allowed him to buy a house he shouldn’t be able to afford.

We really need to turn the focus onto the bigger picture here.


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