HDOH Evasion and My UIPA Request

HDOH Evasion and My UIPA Request

(Note: this is from the communications history so the e-mails are latest first)-

—- Original Message —–

From: (redacted)

To: hdohinfo

Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 4:41 PM

Subject: Re: My Order

 Pursuant to UIPA I request to see my request for the computer-generated birth index for 1961, including the date that it was received in your office.

 Pursuant to UIPA I also request to see any communications to or from your office regarding what changed from the time you told me that you could release the computer-generated birth index for 1961 and now, as well as any duly-passed law or regulation which says that index data may only be released in increments of 5 years.

 —- Original Message —–

From: hdohinfo

To: (redacted)

Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 3:12 PM

Subject: RE: My Order

 Aloha Ms. (redacted):

 We have already responded to your earlier request.

 Index data is compiled in five-year increments, therefore, we cannot provide one year of data. We can provide index data compiled from 1960 to 1964. Please send a request for records if you would like to receive this.

 Hawaii Department of Health

Public Information Office staff

 Send mail to:

State Department of Health

Office of Health Status Monitoring

Issuance/Vital Statistics Section/UIPA Request

P.O. Box 3378

Honolulu, HI 97801


From: (redacted)
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 4:41 PM
To: hdohinfo
Subject: Re: My Order

 On what date do you claim that I made a request for the computerized printout of the 1961 birth index, which I supposedly abandoned?

 Show me a copy of the request I made for that item and the date I made that request.

 I will note that my request for the ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN BIRTH INDEX FOR 1961 – which is required to be retained permanently and which Alfred Itamura is supposed to be investigating your office for possibly illegally destroying – is a request for something different. You never filled that request. You said the best I could get was a computerized printout for $98.75.

 So show me the request I made for a computerized printout, complete with the date it arrived in your office.

 Your Notice to Requester was a response to something else I asked for, not what I ever asked for. It was kind of you to let me know that I could make a request for the computerized printout – which your office is required by law to disclose whether or not there is an “offer” for it.

 So now show me when I made that request you said I could make and which your office can (and therefore MUST, as per UIPA) fulfill.


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