FAA FOIA Request and Response

FAA FOIA Request 2 and Disclosure Letter

This is my FOIA request and the FAA’s response.


As my request notes, this is the 2nd request I sent – the first one, filed 28 days after Dec 11th,  having been divided into 2 parts.

I was not told what parts were going to whom, or that they would be treated as 2 separate requests. Diana Pfiefle told me via email that I had a certain deadline to agree to pay $2,000 because of the recordings I requested. Before that deadline, though, I received a letter from the FAA’s legal people in DC, saying that I had 30 days to appeal the decision to temporarily deny me access. I responded within the 30 days and attached a copy of my appeal in an email to Pfeifle, saying that the snail mail was en route to the DC guy and asking her to forward my appeal so the records I requested would not be destroyed before I could respond (this was before I knew the requirements for the accident package). Pfeifle shortly thereafter told me that my request for everything except the FAA Compliance Report (which I hadn’t even necessarily requested) had been canceled because I hadn’t agreed to fork out the $,2000 (which somehow later became $1,100 because some of the recordings that existed had supposedly been destroyed, though if it being a “no services” accident meant the records could be destroyed, then they should ALL have been destroyed and not just some. I don’t  have access to those emails at the moment, or I would check to see how many hours of recordings they claimed existed initially that they claim DON’T exist now).

Incidentally, this dividing up the requests and then not telling me what responses are for what parts of the request, even when I ask directly…. is the same tactic the MCPD used, resulting in me NEVER receiving a response to my UIPA request for the rest of the emergency services CAD transcript. The MCFD said they could only give me the transcript up to 5:17, when it was said there was one person in critical condition in the USCG helicopter and they were trying to decide where to transport the victim to Maui, or to Honolulu. I’m not sure what is so special about 5:17, that the Fire Dept’s access to further communications should have been shut off right there, but I was told I had to get the rest of it from the MCPD. I requested the CAD transcript at the same time as I requested the autopsy report and the investigative record regarding this rescue call and the follow-up, but the MCPD sent just the CAD transcript part to the county’s attorneys.



  1. Posted July 25, 2014 at 2:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    The simple truth now is that this “administration” (regime, plain and simple) has no regard for the law, as this continues to demonstrate. So, any recourse which we might have had in the past will no longer be honored. The obvious fact is that they will provide nothing which could incriminate them.
    I appreciate your continued efforts to shine the light of truth on this corrupt cabal, however.
    God bless you, my friend!
    P.S. Meanwhile, we needn’t pin any hopes on the so-called “opposition party,” to do anything about the lawlessness. It is time that we each prepare for the inevitable cleansing which is sure (and soon) to come. Repenting as needed, turning to God, storing food, and warning our friends and family are paramount. The country will not be saved at this point. We are as ancient Israel just before the Babylonian Captivity (600 BC +/-). We were warned on 9-11 (see The Harbinger), but have refused to heed the warning. The time of the destruction of the wicked is near at hand. Just the facts….
    P.P.S. For any who have not read The Harbinger, they will be greatly benefited (and informed) by doing so. Visions of Glory, by John Pontius, is another excellent and informative warning.

    • Posted July 28, 2014 at 10:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Repentance and preparation are always in order.

      I am praying that people will wake up even yet. I believe the Lord has intervened to give the American people a chance to clearly see the truth about this regime, and I hope that they will be like the people of Ninevah, repent, and live.

      Starting with the media people. I’ve been harsh against them, but I think we would all do better to pray for them constantly, that the Lord would wake them up through whatever means necessary, and that they would follow wisdom once they are given it. I’ve recently seen God’s power to wake people up, and I am encouraged that we have His power with us, multiplying our little loaves and fishes. We’ll see how it all goes, but I do believe He is giving America another chance. I also believe it’s a critical time for us to be on our knees for our neighbors, families, leaders, MILITARY, law enforcement, and the media.

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