FAA Response Indicates that Fuddy Crash and Death Were Faked

FAA Response Indicates that Fuddy Crash and Death Were Faked

Summary: When the FAA told me that records were destroyed within 30 days because the Fuddy crash was a “no-services” accident, they were confirming that there was no airline “accident” – which means that none of the passengers died within 30 days as a result of the crash, and there was no engine failure. Their response further indicates that they knew this to be the case even as they created documents claiming otherwise.

Either the FAA is lying and illegally destroyed records, or what they claim is true.


  1. raicha
    Posted December 13, 2014 at 12:19 am | Permalink | Reply

    Well no. Step one:

    “71. Formal Accident File/Package Data Collection
    Initiate a formal accident file/package for all investigations, including military investigations, when air traffic facilities may be or are involved in the accident.”

    No air traffic facilities were involved in this accident. No need to proceed to (a) which says:

    “(a) Continue…”


    What would arguably apply here is (b)(2):

    “(2) In the case where no air traffic service was being provided to the aircraft but air
    traffic subsequently became aware of the accident (via notification by police or
    similar organizations), no formal or informal file/package is required, and all forms
    and documentation associated with the notification process must be retained.”

    Do you have any proof that the FAA was notified of the accident? If so, (2) states the documentation that must be retained.

    • Posted December 13, 2014 at 12:55 am | Permalink | Reply

      The Mandatory Occurrence Report was filled out by the Operational Supervisor in Charge of the Honolulu Control Facility and said that he was in contact with the pilot. So an Air Traffic Facility was involved.

      But the formal package is to be started if am air traffic facility MAY BE involved in the accident. If the possibility exists that an air traffic facility has any information about the accident. The idea is that you start the collection of data and then if it turns out that there aren’t any fatalities, serious injuries, or extensive damage to the plane, you can sort out whether an air traffic facility actually WAS involved in the accident. If they weren’t, no facility would have any data to put into the accident package.

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